Moxham Park is a lovely bush reserve that goes from Churchill Drive down to Moxham Road in Northmead, behind NBC Sports Club. Running through the middle is Northmead Gully, which flows into Toongabbie Creek. And weaved throughout are bush tracks, set amongst beautiful tall native trees and fauna.

Now when walking in Moxham Park, you will need the map below handy as there are no ‘helpful’ signposts along the tracks and lots of decision points. Unfortunately, there are just posts with arrows, usually two arrows pointing to the same point, but no directional/ navigational information.

John Curtin Reserve Moxham Park

As you can see, there are lots of different bushwalks to do. The two that we really enjoy at the moment are from NBC Sports Club to John Curtin Reserve and between John Curtin Reserve and Moxhams Ford (bridge on Moxham Road).

Remember to make sure you are properly prepared before setting off on any bushwalk. And if you would like more bushwalking inspiration, check out our list of over 25 kid friendly bushwalks in the local area.

Bushwalk from NBC Sports Club to John Curtin Reserve

This walk gets the BIG thumbs up from my kids, seeing you start and end at fun playgrounds and there is a creek crossing. Plus, you can have lunch back at NBC Sports Club. I also like that the bush is thicker than most of the walks we go on so you really feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Well except when the planes fly over.

Moxham Park

It is about 600m one way and took us about 30mins with a group of preschoolers recently. The bushwalk starts from the northern end of the NBC Sports Club carpark, just near the back fence for the kids backyard.

Moxham Park
Entrance to Moxham Park is from the north side of the carpark

The first thing you will notice is the high fence on your left hand side. This is protecting the old Hourigan’s Quarry, which is now a wetland. The quarry actually dates back to early European settlement of the Parramatta area. Records indicate it supplied sandstone from the 1880s to 1950s to Parramatta and across Sydney. It was only when an aquifer was hit and the quarry filled with groundwater that it was closed. It then was enjoyed as a swimming spot but now has been reclaimed by nature and is a fenced off wetland area. Make sure to watch curious little ones here, as the fence is barbed wire.

Moxham Park

As you continue along, you will notice a side path on your right with stairs. Continue passed this and follow the path around to the left behind the quarry. Then take the path on your right.

Moxham Park

Follow this around until you see some bush regeneration fencing and a path to your right. Walk down that path.

Moxham Park

The bushwalk now heads down to the creek and has a small incline, though you notice it more on the way back up. Follow this track for a bit until you come to a fork where you go right again.

When you get to the end (near the creek), you go left even though the signpost points to the right. You will soon come to a small set of wooden stairs that takes you down to the creek.

Moxham Park

There is a rocky path to cross over the creek, which was upgraded by Council back in April. Unfortunately it has washed away a little bit with recent rain.

Moxham Park

We usually stop here for a little bit of a play, before following the path up a small hill on the other side.

Moxham Park

There are a few little rock look out points along here, looking down to the creek. Continuing up the small hill, you will reach another set of small wooden steps. These take you to the sports oval at John Curtin Reserve.

Moxham Park

Once on the oval, you will see an amenities building further along on your right. This is where you will find toilets and a community hall.

John Curtin Reserve Winston Hills

The playground is just behind, along with a picnic shelter and BBQs.

If you have preschoolers and young primary school kids, it is easy to stay here for a while for a picnic lunch and play. The trick is getting the kids to rest a little before the walk back! Thankfully the prospect of lunch and a play at NBC Sports Club was enough to entice our kids back on the walk.

NBC Sports Club Northmead

You may actually find it is easier to start at John Curtin Reserve and head over to NBC Sports Club for lunch. Particularly on weekends when the car park can be full at the club, with bowling competitions and families visiting for lunch.

Bushwalk from John Curtin Reserve and Moxhams Ford

The Moxhams Ford is a nice hidden historical relic and fun creek crossing. It’s about a 700m walk from the playground at John Curtin Reserve to the bridge.

Moxham Park

To get there from the playground at John Curtin Reserve, head passed the amenities building along the left side of the oval. Once you go down the little hill, you will see a wooden staircase on your left.

Follow this down and around and then cross the creek.

Otto Losco Reserve Moxham Reserve

On the other side of the creek, go right. Going left and heading up the hill, will take you to the NBC Sports Club. To get to Moxhams Ford now, just keep walking with the creek on your right. And always take the path on the right along the creek.

Once you have rock hopped across the creek, you can walk up the other side onto Moxham Road. From here you can continue onto Otto Losco Reserve, along the Water Dragon Walk, where you will find a fun little playground.

Otto Losco Reserve Northmead

Finding Moxham Park

Moxham Park is bordered by a number of roads – Moxham and Whitehave Roads on the south side, Dodson Crescent on the west side and Churchill and Huxley Drives to the north. Plus NBC Sports Club on the east side. There is street parking on the various roads as well as on-site parking at NBC Sports Club.

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