Naying Drive Park is a residential park located just minutes away from Pemulwuy Marketplace just off Greystanes Road.

The park boasts 2 playgrounds and a half size basketball court, undercover tables along with 2 bbqs. There is also a shared bike and pedestrian path which you can follow along the creek and cross the man-made lake which is home to many ducks.


There are 2 playgrounds next to each other divided by low shrubs.

Naying Drive BBQ and Park Area
Shaded playground

The main playground is shaded by a large shade cloth as well as trees and has rainbow coloured rubber soft fall. It is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and young primary aged kids. The shaded playground has:

  • single slide
  • tunnel
  • 2 rockers
  • ride on car

The other playground has limited to no shade and is suitable for older primary school aged children and lower high school aged children. This playground is closer to the road as well. It has 2 areas which comprise of:

Naying Drive BBQ and Park Area
Unshaded playground and half size basketball court looking towards Butu Wargun Drive
  • 2 spinners
  • spider like climbing frame
  • rocking slide
  • twisted ladder
  • suspending seats

Closest to Butu Wargun Drive is the half size basketball court. This is very popular with high school students on the weekend.

BBQ Area

The bbq area has 2 bbqs, 2 tables as well as bench seating along the retaining wall. It is next to the shaded playground making cooking a bbq dinner and watching the kids a breeze. The bbqs are very well maintained and the park area is very clean.

There are no toilets in the immediate area of the park however as mentioned above Pemulwuy Marketplace is minutes away. There are baby change facilities in the disabled toilet.

Close By

Naying Drive Park is roughly 5 minutes walk from Pemulwuy Marketplace. Inside the Marketplace is a Woolworths, 2 coffee shops – Gloria Jeans and Michelle’s Patisserie; Subway, a sushi store, a kebab store, and specialty stores. The Marketplace only has outdoor parking with no shade. Entry is via Butu Wargun Drive. I will personally vouch that the kebab and sushi stores are extremely popular and our go to for lunch before going to the park.

There are a few reserves, walks and parks which I am yet to visit and would love to. These include:

  • Mar-Rong Reserve and the Pemulwuy Lookout at the end of Butu Wargun Drive, 7 minutes walk from Naying Drive Park
  • Driftway Reserve which runs between Nijong Drive and Driftway Drive, an 11 minute walk from Naying Drive Park.
  • There is a park which I have driven past that has a spider like climbing wall. It is located at the end of the walking path headed away from the Marketplace, on the corner of Naoi Ave and Driftway Drive.
  • There is also a playground with a bike track mimicking the road further along the path past the spider climbing wall. This is located on the corner of Driftway Drive, Edward Drive and Watkin Tench Parade.

Further places near by include :

Safety Note

Pemulwuy is home to many species of animals including snakes. Red Belly’s and Brown snakes live near and frequent the bushes that are near the park so take care with adventurous children who want to go walking in the bushes.

Finding Naying Drive Park

You can find Naying Drive Park on the corner of Butu Wargun Drive and Naying Drive. It is roughly 15 minutes drive from Parramatta CBD along Old Prospect Road.

You can park in the Marketplace and walk along Butu Wargun Drive and across the bridge to the park. Alternatively during weekdays there is plenty street parking available just across the road from the park.

From my observations, it doesn’t appear to be easily accessible by public transport.