It’s rare to find a neighbourhood-sized park with a variety of equipment catering to the 6-years plus age group.  As a result, you often need to head to larger district or regional parks to keep older kids amused for long. This is why North Ryde Park is great, if you are happy to venture slightly further afield.

While adventurous preschoolers might be brave enough to attempt some of the challenges by themselves, the playground at North Ryde Park is geared towards primary school age children.  They will likely enjoy testing their limits climbing, clambering and dangling from a variety of heights.  Yet for families with mixed ages, younger ones still have enough to hold their interest closer to ground-level.

North Ryde Park

For Older Children

Two tall tower structures will draw your older child’s attention.

Included on the two towers are:

  • rock climbing walls
  • large slide
  • rope ladder
  • hammock
  • balance ropes
  • curved metal ladder
  • climbing poles

For Younger Children

There is a variety of playground equipment suitable for younger children, including:

  • see-saw
  • tub spinner
  • spinning donut
  • two swings (one with a toddler seat)
  • ride-in car

Other Facilities

In addition to the above equipment, a path circling the play equipment makes for a great all-age scooter path.  The oval next to the play equipment provides plenty of space to kick a ball or throw a frisbee (as long as there’s no soccer game or cricket match taking place).

The playground features two large shade cloths, soft-fall, ample benches and seating, a covered picnic area and two BBQs.  Toilets are located approximately 50 metres away and are open 7am – 7pm (or until 10pm on training nights).  There is no baby change facility.  The playground, whilst set back from the road, is not fenced.

Located right alongside North Ryde Oval, and with a leafy green suburban setting, North Ryde Park makes for fun family outing in pleasant surrounds.

North Ryde Park

Getting to North Ryde Park

North Ryde Park is located on the corner of Cressy and Magdala Roads next to North Ryde Oval.  Street parking is plentiful and unrestricted.

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