Orchard Road ReserveYou wouldn’t know this playground was there unless you went looking (like we did) or you were walking along the Pioneer Track on the western end. Council’s website and Google Maps had it listed as being on Orchard Road. And we drove up and down a few times before deciding to park and go exploring. So glad we did.

The playground at Orchard Road Reserve is right behind Roselea Public School and Carlingford High School It has nice challenging play equipment for young kids. And its a lovely easy walk to Ray Park from here along the Pioneer Track.

Orchard Road Reserve Beecroft

The large climbing play gym has two slides, climbing wall, steering wheels, climbing rings and a bridge. There is also a stand-on spinner and set of swings.

There is lots of grass around the playground. But the ground of the playground itself is bark. There are two park benches.

The Pioneer Track goes east from the playground, along a very wide grassed track.

The track then goes across Orchard Road before continuing south of the creek. It’s a flat, though narrow, walk along this stretch, behind the Roselea Scout Hall. When you reach Calool Road, you turn right, across Plympton Road and you have reached the fun Granny Smith themed Ray Park. You can continue along the Pioneer Track from here (stairs near playground) or enjoy the exercise and play equipment.

Ray Park Carlingford

Finding Orchard Road Reserve

The playground at Orchard Road Reserve is best accessed from either the end of Marron Place or the bend on Norwood Avenue. It is also sometimes referred to as the Carlingford Oval playground, as it sits behind Carlingford Oval and Carlingford High School.

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