Putney ParkPutney Park is a beautiful park along the Parramatta river. It’s no wonder it’s a favourite for family gatherings, with lovely views of the river, two good playgrounds, splash pools, plenty of places to have a picnic and now a ‘new’ beach area. Of course, best visited on a warm day!

Whether your young kids are looking for sand, water or just some slides, they won’t be disappointed! Plus, we are super excited that by 2025, we’ll be able to safely swim in Parramatta River at Putney Park!

Putney Park beach Putney

Here’s what’s on offer at the wonderful Putney Park!

1Toddler Splash Pool

When we go to the pools, my children rarely stray from the small toddler splash pool. So I decided that it was more economical to find a free toddler pool.

Putney Park

Putney Park has a fantastic free toddler splash pool. In fact, it is fun for young kids and even older ones! If your children are scared of sprinkler and fountain style water playgrounds, this is definitely the place for them! But if your child much prefers the fountain type water playgrounds, there are 16 across Western Sydney.

There are two toddler splash pools connected via a pebble creek. The larger one is cover by shade sails. The water can get a bit cold there so we prefer to use the smaller toddler pool that has no shade.

Putney Park Toddler Splash pool

Keep in mind, the water depth varies but is no deeper then about 30cm. And there are no life guards. Plus, water toys regularly get sucked down the filtration system. We have raised this issue with Ryde Council and they are in the process of installing a grate to help fix this.

2Big Slide (Number 1)

Right next to the toddler pools, theres’ a large structure that the older children love climbing. It’s a great vantage point to see the views of the river. There’s also a HUGE slide, that might be a bit scary for younger kids.

Keep in mind that there is a sharp bend in this slide and we have heard some stories of people hurting themselves. But have never had a problem ourselves.

3Playground Near the River

Down the stairs from the toddler pools, there’s a rope climbing tower set on top of sand. I like to pretend we are at the beach and make sand castles here.

Right next to this, there is a climbing play gym with a small slide and tunnel. It’s suitable for toddlers and preschoolers and gets some shade from the surrounding trees.

4Playground on the Southern End

Back up near Pillisier Road, about 200m south of the splashspools, is another fun playground for preschoolers and early primary school kids.

At this playground, you’ll find:

  • climbing play gym
  • swings, with a bucket seat
  • spinning wheel
  • rockers

Plus, park benches, some natural shade and bubbler. And now a brand new toilet block!

Putney Park

5Big Slide (Number 2)

Slide near south, top playground

Also at the southern end playground, there is a very long slide. But it’s surprisingly (and disappointingly) extremely slow. We have tried a number of ways to go faster down it – face first, on our backs, on our tummy – but have found no real difference.

Putney Park

But we have since been told that the best/ fastest way is to sit on a towel or piece of cardboard. So will have to give that a try next time.

6Other Facilities

You’ll find some shelters, toilets, open grassed areas and BBQ facilities throughout Putney Park as well. Making it a perfect spot for a family get together.

7Putney Beach

Over the coming years, the foreshore at Putney Park will be transformed into a safe swimming spot! And stage 1 was recently completed, with new stairs down to the beach area, plus seating. And once further improvements are made, including setting up an ongoing water quality monitoring system, this will become our closest beach! Thank you City of Ryde Council for undertaking this work and helping make Parramatta River swimmable again by 2025!

8Putney Punt

And if you are still up for exploring after your visit to Putney Park, you can catch the Putney Punt across Parramatta River to Mortlake! It’s a free to use car ferry and is accessed from the southern point of Putney Park. Also known as the Mortlake Car Ferry, it runs on weekends and in the morning and evening on weekdays.

Finding Putney Park

Putney Park is located along Pellisier Rd in Putney. There is an on-site car park, which you enter from Pellisier Road near Jetty Road, right near the water play area. If you have a pram, you are best to walk to the south end of the car park and follow the path down to the toilets (left handside) and toddler splash pool (right handside). About 200m further down Pellisier Road is the other playground and off street parking. And a little further still is the Putney Punt.

To get to Putney Park by public transport, you can get the Parramatta Rivercat to Kissing Point wharf and walk 900m. Or there are buses stopping along Delange Road, about a 500m walk away.

Places of Interest Nearby

Putney Park is one of over 20 playgrounds along Parramatta River from Gladesville Bridge up to Parramatta. If you are looking for another playground to enjoy our living river from, check out the full list here.