Reynolds ParkMore than your normal local suburban park, you will find enough to keep your little ones busy for a good hour or two at Reynolds Park.

Within the 2.6 hectare park, located near Old Windsor Road, there is a great medium sized playground, particularly good for preschoolers. The centre piece is the castle climbing structure, with your kids can be the king or queen of the castle! There are also slides, bridges, a pretend shop, climbing walls, chain rope stepping stones and monkey bars.

Around the outside of the playground, there is a good scooter/ bike track, plus a double BBQ and a number of sheltered picnic tables.

Next to the playground is a basketball semi court and a longer cycle/ walkway running the length of the park. Behind the playground, there is bushland with a creek to explore, plus some grassed hills great for rolling down.

While the playground at Reynolds Park is not fenced, there is a low fence and landscaping that hopefully provides enough of a barrier to the road for little ones who like to run.

It’s just a shame there aren’t toilets in the park….but there will be some built 2019/2020.

Finding Reynolds Park

Reynolds Park is right near Old Windsor Road in Toongabbie, so not too far from the buses running along the T-Way. There is street parking and Faith’s Nest Cafe is about 1km away.