Rydalmere ParkRydalmere Park is a large park, just off Victoria Road towards Rydalmere wharf, with a great nature based playground that is still has a new feel.

The park currently has soccer fields, cricket pitch, netball court, basketball third-court/practice hoop, playground, open space and a large bowling club facility. Plus amenity buildings and on-site car parking.

With the closing of the Bowling Club and projected population growth in the area, Council has developed a draft Masterplan for Rydalmere Park.


The playground at Rydalmere Park is definitely one for the cooler months, as there is no hiding from the sun in summer. With time, the line of trees of the eastern side should provide more shade.

Rydalmere ParkThe playground is best suited to kids 2-6yrs and has:

  • 3 swings, including a baby/ toddler bucket seat and disc swing,
  • climbing play gym for younger kids, with a ladder to climb up and a slide,
  • climbing play gym for 4-6yrs, with rope climbing wall, slide and climbing ramp to get up,
  • a number of nature based play features, like the wooden poles and sandstone blocks,
  • little pathway good for riding scooters on.

There is a fence running the length of the playground, along the road, but the playground is open on the three other sides. Plus, there are seats around the playground so you can rest while the kids play.

Other Facilities

Rydalmere Park
Looking over to the bowling club

Within Rydalmere Park, there is also:

  • Bowling club (now closed)
  • 3 soccer fields
  • Cricket pitch
  • Netball court
  • One third basketball court
  • Toilets
  • On-site car park
Caleidoscope Cafe
Caleidoscope Cafe

Finding Rydalmere Park

Rydalmere Park is just down from Victoria Road, on Park Road heading south. You can get there by bus or walk up from the ferry wharf. There is off street parking, between the playground and the bowling club.

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