We were very excited to explore the bush reserve at the end of our new street when we moved in May last year. My eldest and I set off down the road for a little look but were greeted with a very overgrown bushland. We could see a path down the hill, on the other side of the creek. But after a fair bit of bush bashing, we decided to head home to find out about how to more easily reach the path. Thanks to Google Earth and City of Parramatta Councils Bushwalking brochure, we found our closest entry point was on Crowgey Street and that we could walk all the way to Park Road and even up to Upjohn Park.

Subiaco Creek Reserve
Entrance to the walk on Crowegy Street

The Subiaco Creek bushwalk is actually the last part of 6.6km Ponds Walk, which runs from Eric Mobbs Memorial Park in Carlingford through Dundas Valley, Telopea and Rydalmere. This part of the walk though is just 1km one way. The creek then goes on to feed into Parramatta River. And this is where you will find the new Subiaco Creek cycleway along Parramatta River that takes you around to Rydalmere wharf.

Subiaco Creek Reserve

Starting at the Crowgey Street Reserve, you walk down a set of stairs and across an open grassed area.

You will then find your first creek crossing. My boys love stopping here for a little play – throwing pebbles in the water and floating leaves down the creek. This area is though prone to flooding so you will need to be careful after heavy rain.

Subiaco Creek Reserve

The bushwalk then meanders through lush bushland with some wildflowers and wildlife to spot. Plus sometimes sadly a fair amount of rubbish, just depends on the recent storm water runoff. The path is obvious and there are no decision points to possibly take a wrong turn at.

Subiaco Creek Bushwalk

The bushwalk is mostly flat but there are a few gentle little hills, which my two preschoolers have no problems with.

About mid way, there is another creek crossing before the bushwalk heads onto a more open grassed track on the north side of the creek.

Along this part, you will notice entry/exit points to Weller Place and Swan Street. If you exit at Swan Street, it is about a 300m walk to Big Tree House Cafe. A bit further along the bushwalk you will reach Park Road, after walking down some stairs.

It usually takes us about 45min to walk from Crowgey Street to Park Road at a leisurely pace with our two preschoolers.

Subiaco Creek Reserve
Bridge at Park Road over Subiaco Creek

Now as you approach Park Road, you have a few choices. You can continue on the bushwalk under the bridge to Marri Badoo Reserve, where there is a playground a few mins away. Plus walk further along the Ponds Walk if your kids are older and up for a much longer walk.

Marri Badoo Reserve
Playground in Marri Badoo Reserve

You can also walk down Park Road (passed the Fire Station) to Caleidoscope cafe for a refuel and toilet stop. Or, you can just turn around and head straight back the way you came. We usually head to the cafe and then walk back with rested legs and a full tummy.

Caleidoscope Cafe
Caleidoscope Cafe

As a feeder creek into Parramatta River, it is very important that Subiaco Creek is kept as clean as possible. It’s a bit hard to make Parramatta River swimmable again if we keep letting rubbish float into it. You can help by taking a garbage bag on your walk and picking up some of the rubbish. Plus reporting any dumping or bigger items to Council via the Snap Send Solve app.

Our Living River

Finding Subiaco Creek Bushwalk

The Subiaco Creek bushwalk runs from Crowgey Street Reserve (26A Crowgey St, Rydalmere) to Marri Badoo Reserve, just passed Park Road.

Subiaco Creek bushwalk Rydalmere

The Ponds Walk then continues through Telopea and all the way up to Carlingford. You can enter the Subiaco Creek bushwalk from Crowgey Street and Park Road, as well as streets off Calder Road and Chudleigh Street. There is street parking or you can get there by bus along Victoria Road or Park Road.

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