Bunnings Seven Hills
Bunnings Seven Hills

Some days just call for a fenced playground. When you need to caught your breath, feed your youngest or have a chat with another adult, while your little one plays. All with the increased peace of mind that they are playing within a confined area. Well we have some great news! There are over 50 free fenced playgrounds and play areas in and around the City of Parramatta!

From parks and shopping centres to clubs, shops and cafes, we have listed all the the free fenced playgrounds and play areas we know of in a Google Map. This should make finding them even easier! Plus, I have listed my current favourites, if you need some help choosing.

Google Map of Free Fenced Playgrounds and Play Areas

Display the side bar in the map to see the list of free playgrounds and play areas, grouped based on where they are located – park, cafe, shopping centre, club, shops. There are photos and links to reviews as well.

Icon Legend:

  • Swing icon = fenced playground/ play area with a cafe in walking distance.
  • Dot icon = fenced playground/ play area without a cafe in walking distance.
  • Knife and fork icon = cafe near a fenced playground/ play area.

Colour Legend:

  • Green = outdoor playground/play area WITH a shade sail
  • Orange = outdoor playground/play area WITH SOME shade
  • Yellow = outdoor playground/play area WITHOUT shade
  • Black = indoor playground/ play area


Here are my current favourites – which is never an easy thing to decide on. As you can see, I have five for playgrounds listed and even that was a challenge!