Waterloo ParkWaterloo Park has a leafy setting, with natural shade combined with wide open spaces.  There is a variety of play and recreation options, which means there’s plenty of choice to please all members of the family.

This large park is situated next door to Trafalgar Place shops, so it’s convenient to grab a bite to eat, get a coffee to go, or treat the kids to an ice block just a short walk away.  Waterloo Park ticks all the boxes – it’s no wonder it’s a local favourite!

Waterloo Park features:

  • two play areas separated by a path (one aimed at younger children and the other suitable for older children)
  • enclosed basketball court
  • two fitness stations with a large variety of exercise equipment
  • sports field and baseball diamond
  • path around perimeter of park
  • BBQs and covered picnic tables
  • toilets
  • filtered water station
  • off-street parking

For Younger Children

The play area for younger children (aged 1-5 years) is unfenced but positioned safely away from the road and parking area.  It has natural shade and the ground cover is soft fall.  Each time we’ve visited, there has been a lot of leaf litter and small sticks from the overhead branches, so you’ll need to keep an eye on youngsters putting objects in their mouth.  Two benches face this play section.

Equipment includes:

  • two swings (one is a baby swing)
  • dog-themed slide easily accessible by crawlers/toddlers via the low staircase
  • musical xylophone
  • spiral bead maze
  • rocker

For Older Children

Equipment for older children (aged 4-10 years) is limited, with a pole spinner and a large rope climbing structure we affectionately called the “spaceship climber”.  Two large blue poles don’t seem to serve any purpose except as impromptu climbing poles. Perhaps there used to be swings here – I’m not sure.  There is no seating in this area and this section is partially fenced, which separates children from the parking area and cars.

The park across the road (Trafalgar Reserve) has play equipment suited to the older age group, if they need more challenges (and have energy left to burn!)

A path separates the two play areas, so watch out for cyclists whizzing past!

For All The Family

You’ll also find the following to appeal to mixed ages:

  • enclosed basketball court
  • large open sports field. When not in use for soccer and baseball, it is perfect for kicking a ball, throwing a frisbee, or flying a kite.
  • path around the perimeter of the sports field, ideal for bike riding, scootering, walking or jogging
  • two fitness stations with a large variety of fixed exercise equipment
  • BBQs and picnic shelters, two of which are suitable for large gatherings

Getting to Waterloo Park

Waterloo Park is located on Trafalgar Place, just off Waterloo Road in Marsfield.  It is situated next to the Trafalgar Place shops and is down the road from Macquarie University (Sport & Aquatic Centre entrance).  The M41 bus from Macquarie Centre stops at Macquarie University Village, right across from Waterloo Park.

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