Contact Paper Craft Activities with Little Ones


Contact paper, or sticky paper as we like to call it, is a stable in our activity cupboard. It is great for little fingers who may not yet be able to use glue sticks, paint on glue or peel stickers. So if you don’t have some at home, make sure to grab some next time you are at the shops. For a $2 roll your little ones can have hours of fun.

There are a lot of things you can do with contact paper – here are just two ideas. For some more ideas on using contact paper with little ones, check out Mess For Less. And btw, contact paper is great for cleaning up things like glitter spills.

1. Contact Paper Wall Art

Contact Paper ActivitiesSimply tape some contact paper to a wall (sticky side up) and give the kids items to stick on. We had been given some foam stickers that no longer were sticky and my boys had a great time sticking them to the contact paper. You could give them cut pieces of paper, scrunched up crepe or tissue paper, pom poms, sequins, leaves, flowers….the list if endless. As you may have noticed, Mr 3 obviously needed a bigger piece of contact paper – and those foam stickers must have had some sticky life in them.

2. Stain Glass Windows

Contact Paper Activities
Stain Glass Windows

While similar to the 1st activity above, this one has a little more prep but you end up with a ‘stain glass window’ you can hang or keep.

  1. Simply fold a piece of paper in half and cut out the middle, starting from the folded end and leaving about a 2cm border.
  2. Open out the folded paper – you now have a paper frame. Cut contact paper the same size.
  3. Stick the contact paper to the paper frame.
  4. Let the kids stick whatever they want on the framed contact paper – anything from leaves, flowers, jewels and sequins to cotton balls and cut paper will work.
  5. Once they are done, cut and stick another piece of contact paper over the top. To hang, simply make a hole (bamboo skewer works well) and thread some ribbon.
What do you like to do with contact paper with your little ones?