Children are born with an innate ability to be creative. Looking back, my fondest memories were those opportunities that allowed me to create. I would sing, dance and act in front of the mirror to my hearts content until I was ready to perform for my family and friends. If I was lucky, I’d score fifty cents for my performance. From here, I took my curiosity to the theatre and it opened up all sorts of new and exciting possibilities. It started me on a path of discovery, imagination and fun!


In this ever-changing world full of complex issues and distractions, drama and the arts can serve as a way to interpret, explore and perceive the environment around us from a young age. The process of creating a piece of theatre can encourage discussion about a variety of common human themes, examining emotion, characters, conflict and points of view. Drama is a transformative experience whereby participants learn about oneself, others and our place in the community. For children, it’s also a fantastic way to unleash their imaginations, socialise and build confidence. Theatre can enable children to form and share opinions in a safe environment where they don’t have to feel worried about making a mistake; giving them a voice.

There are so many ways to facilitate creative arts at home. Parents and children together can use their favourite picture book as a starting point. Classic books like ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson can allow for many creative experiences.

Gruffalo puppets made from paper bags
Gruffalo puppets made from paper bags

Children can dress up and make props to act out the characters. They could create collage pictures of characters and environments from everyday textured objects around the house for a sensory experience. Puppets can also be made from toilet paper rolls, paper bags and scrap bits of material or other objects. Listening to music and encouraging movement to go with different pieces of music can also be fun along with making sounds with homemade musical instruments. Encouraging fun and inviting children to make decisions in the creative process is awesome fun and can be tailored to your child’s interests. It can also give them confidence! Options are endless! All that’s needed is a sense of imagination and fun.

Imagination is the key to creating innovators of the future that is not limited to the theatre.

If Steve Jobs had not imagined the iPhone, it would never have come into existence.

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This is a sponsored post written by Anna Asquith, co-owner of Rhubarb Jam Productions. Rhubarb Jam Productions offer performance based school holiday workshops for children aged 5-12 years. This January school Holidays, Rhubarb Jam will be using the theme of ‘A Bug’s Life’ to create a performance at Rydalmere East Public School. For more information visit