Bring the water fun to your home on a hot day with these three easy to do fun ice activities. And they’re great for helping develop your little ones fine motor skills and imagination as well!

Worried about water getting everywhere? Simply set these activities up in the bath tub, shower, balcony, tiled area (with towels down) or backyard.

For all three activities, it’s handy to have a swallow container/ bowl to put the ice into, plus a water spray bottle or sauce bottle that you can fill with water and some kitchen equipment (like spoons, tongs, measuring cups and small containers) for the kids to play with.

1Frozen Toy Treasure Hunt

Hide a host of toys in a frozen block of ice and challenge the kids to work out what is in there and then get them out.

What you need:
  • Airtight container – we used an old margarine container.
  • Water
  • Small plastic toys and other items that can be frozen
  • Food colouring (optional).
  1. Fill the container about half way with water. (add food colouring, optional)
  2. Place half the toys in, close the lid and put the container in the freezer.
  3. When the water has started to set, fill the rest of the container with water almost to the top. (add food colouring, optional)
  4. Place the rest of the toys in, put lid back on and place in freezer.
  5. Leave in freezer until ready to use.
  6. When the kids want to go treasure hunting, pop out the ice block (may need to run the container under water for a bit), give them some water (to help melt it) and let them try and get the toys out.

2Ice Eggs

Simply fill some (water) balloons with water, seal and freeze. When you want to play with the ice eggs, cut away the balloon.

TIP: I have found normal balloons work best and I just put a small amount of water in them. You will need to fill the balloons from a tap nozzle.

3Ice Cubes

Simply give your kids some ice cubes and a range of kitchen type equipment – think thongs, measuring cups, plastic containers – plus some water and let them play.

I sometimes put the ice in a colander for them to play with and add some frozen peas and/ or corn for a bit of colour and something they can munch on as they play.

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