How NOT to make goo (gak)


My husband purchased about 10kg of Borax, as you do, and it has been sitting in the laundry, begging to be used. Kellie mentioned that most goo recipes that she has seen online uses Borax. I thought now is the time to make some goo as the kids were bored and I got sick of making playdough.

Most instructions require “Elmers” glue. When I researched into it, I found out it is just PVA glue.

PVA glue

The instructions said to mix half a cup of glue with half a cup of water and mix it through. I did measure the water but I did not measure the glue (rookie mistake). It also mentioned to add in some colouring at this point. I decided that pink would be a great choice.

Mixed glue

In another bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of borax with 1 cup of water and mix until it has all dissolved.


Finally, mix the water borax into the glue mixture slowly and stir as you go.

Gak? Goo? Placenta? What is this?

Straight away I noticed the liquid turning into some sort of weird solid. Then I realised the texture was all wrong and finally I noticed that it looked so wrong. WHAT! What on earth did I just make?

I have no idea if I added too much glue or not enough. I shall attempt this again but with proper measurements next time. Have you made goo before? What was your method?