Marble Painting

Marble painting

This art activity is great for a range of ages as it only requires you to be able to hold and tilt a box.  I really enjoy doing it too. Best not done with little ones who love putting things in their mouth though.

Marble paintingAll you need are:

  • marbles;
  • paint;
  • a box or container (with raised sides and big enough to hold a piece of paper on the bottom);
  • muffin tin or other small containers for the paint; and
  • paper.

I put the paint into cupcakes cases in a muffin tin, plopped a few marbles in each colour and then gave the kids spoons to scoop out the marbles and put them into their box. They can then tilt away to roll the marble around, creating a cool paint effect.

Another way you can do it, is to put blobs of different colour paint onto the paper and then add the marbles and roll them around.

And once the paint has dried, and you have finished admiring it, you can used it as some lovely wrapping paper.Marble painting

I did this activity at playgroup today and it got a tick from the kids and parents.Great for creativity and fine mote skill development.

Marble painting
Marble painting at playgroup