There’s something very magical about Christmas lights, particularly with kids. And we are very fortunate to have some awesome local displays! Most light up for at least the whole of December from about 8pm to 10:30pm each night. But sadly a number of the main Christmas light displays will not be lighting up in 2020 due to covid19.

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Christmas Lights 5 Dorset Avenue
5 Dorset Avenue (2019)

Christmas light display hunting is definitely a great night out with the kids. But only if you know where you are going! Well unless your kids are happy to be in the car for ages driving around not seeing much. πŸ˜‰ This is where our MAP and LISTING BY SUBURB comes in VERY handy! Along with our TOP PICKS of Christmas light displays to see locally with kids. Plus there are ho ho ho many fun local Christmas events to jingle along at.

Christmas Light GRAND Opening
12 Carpenter Street in Cloyton (2019)

Thank you to all the lovely people who spend hours decorating their homes, and a whole lot of money, for us to enjoy. Remember to bring some coins along with you as most collect donations for Westmead Children’s Hospital as part ofΒ Lights For Kids, or another worthy charity.

Lights of Christmas – Top 10 Picks 2020

Before we show you our fab Google Map, we want to highlight the top local Christmas light displays this year for us. The list focuses on lovely experiences for families with young kids. Sadly due to covid19, a number of the big street and house displays are not lighting up in 2020. So our top picks list this year is a bit different! But thankfully there are still some wonderful spots to visit…

We’ve been out Christmas light hunting about 10 times now in 2020 and have updated our top picks after seeing more great lights.

1Cumberland Road, Greystanes

There are a number of well decorated houses along Cumberland Road in Greystanes between Whalans Road and Vernon Street. Keep in mind that it’s a busy road.

2Nulang Street and Calga Place, Old Toongabbie

Jumping up the top picks in 2020, there are about 10 houses that have good Christmas light decorations and are all within easy walking distance of each other along Nulang Street and Calga Place.

3Hillsong Church, Norwest [FINISHED]

We first visited Hillsong Church to check out their lights in 2018. And boy did the kids (and adults) love the fun mini winter play that year with the ‘snow ball’. In 2019, they had a ‘Christmas Express’. And this year, they’ve got a drive through Christmas tunnel, which is dazzling! There’s parking at Hillsong or next door at Norwest Marketown.

4191 Burwood Road, Concord


The Concord Christmas Lights are back in 2020 – yay! This house is stunning and comes complete with snow.

5Stephen Ave, Ryde


A cute little cul-de-sac in Ryde and regular on the Christmas Lights circuit, Stephen Ave jumps up the list this year seeing the very popular Chauvel Street is not lighting up. There’s a small light tunnel to walk through as well as a digging Santa!

6Chauvel and Surrounding Streets, North Ryde

Farrington Parade, North Ryde (near Chauvel St)

While the number of houses lighting up this year on Chauvel Street is less than usual, it’s still a spectacular spot to visit for Christmas lights! And more so as there are some great displays in surrounding streets, such as Farrington Parade, Schumack Street and Schumack Street. It’s worth parking and going for a wander on foot!

136 Excelsior Ave Castle Hill (2019)

8Illuminate The Hills, Castle Hill Metro Station, Arthur Whitling Park


Thank you Hills Shire Council for putting on this covid-safe light display for families to enjoy! Illuminate the Hills is a series of festive light installations at Arthur Whitling Park, at the top of the Castle Hill metro train station. There’s Christmas trees, polar bears and candy cane shrubs. Parking is an issue though – best to park at Castle Towers and walk across or catch the metro. Plus, now you can view it online from the comfort of your home.

9Gregory and Sandra Streets, Putney

This is a good one to park the car and go for a little walk. There are a few houses along Gregory Street that are nicely decorated. And then on Sandra Street, you can’t miss the massive tree that’s been turned into the biggest Christmas Tree in Sydney (we reckon)!

1075 & 77 Clarence Street, Merrylands

Right next to each other on Clarence Street are two beautifully decorated homes, complete with bubble machines that the kids are bound to love! We understand that the families in the two houses are related.

Special Mention

For something a bit different, check out the wooden statue display atΒ 5 Caledonian Avenue in Winston Hills. There’s also something similar, though smaller on Yates Ave in Dundas Valley.

Christmas lights Caledonian Avenue in Winston Hills

And if you really love Christmas light displays, then you should take a trip to the Hunter Valley Gardens for their amazing Christmas lights extravaganza! It opened on 8th November 2019 and it on until 26th January 2020 (closed 25th December) from 5.30pm to 10pm each night.

Christmas Lights Map

The first year we took our kids around to see the Christmas lights, I wrote down the addresses and mapped them out roughly on paper. It was such a time consuming exercise and we still drove a round in circles a fair bit! Seeing Christmas lights is now SO much easier with this handy Christmas Lights Google Map – which you can load on your phone. And we love that we’ve been approached many times by parents when out Christmas light hunting who’ve showed us our own map! xx

The Google Map shows Christmas light displays that we’ve visited in previous years, as well as ones listed on Lights for Kids this year. We regularly update the map as we become aware of more Christmas light displays. And the best bit… we have ‘graded’ the light displays so you know which ones are worth driving to and which ones are nice to drive-by.


The map has colour coded markers.

  • Green = Already on
  • Orange = Will start soon
  • Blue = There were lights here last year but not sure if they will be on again in 2020
  • Red= There were lights here last year, but none this year

We have also used icons to help work out which lights are just for driving by and which are worth getting out to look at.

  • Star = Definitely one to visit, park the car and have a wander.
  • Tick = Really good, definitely worth visiting if you live nearby
  • Car = Worth driving by if you are in the area
  • Circle = Unknown as we haven’t visited yet.

Key Christmas Light Displays By Suburb

If our Google Map of Christmas lights is not your thing, don’t worry. We’ve still got you covered with our listing by suburb of the key Christmas light displays to see. This list is done in alphabetical order. And like the map, red means no lights this year and green means we’ve seen them on (or been told they’re on)

Baulkham Hills
  • Brokenwood Place
  • 13 Evesham Circuit
  • Geraldine Ave
  • 2c Hilda Road
  • Hillsong Church, Solent Circuit 🌟
  • Juniper Place
  • Marcel Place 🌟
  • 6 Myallie Ave
  • Park Road
christmas lights
Hillsong Church (2020)
  • 2 Meadow Close
  • Bellevista Street
  • 13 Cunningham Crescent
  • Eastlakes Glade
  • 17 Herrick Street
  • 4 Irelands Road
  • 31 Kieren Drive
  • 37 Matthew Crescent
  • 39 Pelleas Street
  • 5 Ronald Street
  • 72 Valda Street
  • 27A Vella Crescent
  • Alamein Avenue and Bardia Road
  • 98 Felton Road
  • Georgian Avenue
  • Lindisfarne Crescent
  • 59 Oakes Road 🌟
  • 4-8 Pennant Parade
  • Rembrandt Street
  • 28 Robbie Crescent
  • 20 Snowdon Ave
  • Sydney LDS Temple, Moseley Street 🌟
  • Watton Road
  • Windsor Avenue
Christmas Lights
Cnr of Alamein Ave and Bardia Rd, Carlingford (2017)
Castle Hill
  • Brushford Ave
  • 136 Excelsior Ave 🌟
  • Grandoaks Place
  • Minago Place 🌟
  • Squire Place
Christmas Lights 136 Excelsior Ave Castle Hill
136 Excelsior Ave Castle Hill (2019)
  • 12 Carpenter Street in Cloyton 🌟

Christmas Light GRAND Opening

Constitution Hill
  • 1 Elm Place
  • Albion Street
  • Elder Road
Dundas Valley
  • Yates Avenue
  • Chester Street
  • AE2 estate
  • 11 Steven’s Street
  • 46 Adler Parade
  • Carnation Street
  • Cumberland Road 🌟
  • 38 Ivan street , Greystanes
Christmas light displays
Cumberland Road, Greystanes (2018)
  • 280 Excelsior St
  • 62 Harris Street
  • 51 Mountford Avenue
  • Willoughby Street
  • 1 Wills Place
  • Dooley’s Catholic Club 🌟
Melrose Park
  • 125 Wharf Road
  • Alfred Street
  • 75 & 77 Clarence Street 🌟
  • 28 Derby Street
  • Earl Street
  • Fowler Street (113 & 34)
  • Park Street 🌟
  • Walpole Street
  • 5 Dorset Avenue 🌟
  • 45 Grasmere Avenue 🌟
  • 5 Thirlmere Avenue
  • 63B Windermere Avenue
North Parramatta
  • Corner of Symonds Avenue & Gaggin Street
North Rocks
  • Hepburn Road
North Ryde
  • Chauvel Street 🌟
  • Cutler Parade
  • Farrington Parade
  • Kokoda Street
  • Schumack Street
  • Wicks Road
  • Gregory Street
  • Parry Street
  • Sandra Street
Quakers Hill
  • Chaplin Crescent
  • Errol Place
  • 2 Keon Place
  • 25 Lobelia Crescent
  • 7 Mallee Street 🌟
  • 9 Trezise Place
  • Calder Road
  • 6 Finch Ave
  • Hillman Ave
  • Pine Street
  • Smalls Road
  • 6 Squire Street
  • Stephen Avenue 🌟
Seven Hills
  • Beethoven Street
  • 29 Foundry Road
  • Nice Place
  • Ballandella Road
  • 98 & 128 Binalong Road
  • 1 Cornelia Road
  • 12 Henson Street
  • 18 & 128 Rausch Street
  • 6 Vancouver Ave
West Ryde
  • 122 Brush Road 🌟
  • 10 Darwin Street
Christmas Lights
122 Brush Road, West Ryde (2018)
Winston Hills
  • 37 Bellotti Avenue
  • Caledonian Avenue 🌟
  • 40 Caroline Chisholm Drive
  • Corner of Oakes Road and Edison Parade
Christmas Lights
5-11 Caledonian Avenue in Winston Hills (2017)

Other Christmas Fun

There are plenty of other ways to get into the festive spirit. Just check out our Facebook page for plenty of jolly Christmas fun! Top of the list is Carols from Parramatta event on 18th December.

Carols from Parramatta 2020 City of Parramatta The Sebastian Foundation
Carols in the Crescent at Parramatta Park, 2019


  1. Hi ,thanks Kelly for posting our house on parra parents much appreciated and looking forward to seeing your family and other happy families co.e past.Cheers Joey

  2. Just a typo you might want to look at.. when you talk about the location on Cumberland road, it’s between Whalans and Vernon street (not Vermon). Cheers

  3. Not quite in the same area, however we’d like to throw our hat in the ring for some beautiful Christmas lights set on the State Heritage listed building in Randwick, The Lurline.

    Some of the lights outside the building flash when a booking is made, as a percentage of each direct booking this December is going to the Light Up Xmas Appeal, supporting the Sydney Children’s Hospital. The flashing lights signify the donation.

    Every booking in this difficult year has been vitally important in keeping our doors open and our staff employed. We’d like to give back this December, and thank the families who trust us to take care of them when they visit – often less than fortunate circumstances.

    We hope the lights bring joy to the community in what has been a tough year for many.”