Eden Gardens brings back a lot of fond memories and also some laughs of a time that feels so long ago now – when I had two under two! Back in the spring/ summer of 2014, we probably would have been at the gardens a few times a month. It was so nice to grab a hot drink and sit in the fenced play area (breastfeeding my youngest or letting him sleep in the pram), while my eldest played.

Eden Gardens Macquarie Park

It has been a while since we last visited and we quickly fell in love with Eden Gardens all over again. Seeing my boys so happily exploring and playing in the gardens and play area, plus enjoying the newly renovated cafe, was a clear reminder of why Eden Gardens is such a great place for to families. Particularly during the week with little ones, when it is a lot less busy. And spring is a perfect time to go. Aside from so many flowers blooming, there is the fantastic Unearthed art installation and sculpture walk to enjoy.

Eden Gardens Macquarie Park

Play Area

Next to the Dragonfly Cafe, down a ramp, is a lovely small, fenced play area.

Eden Gardens Macquarie Park

It’s great for kids under 5 and has:

  • Tunnel slide
  • Sand pit
  • Chalk board (worth bringing your own piece of chalk)
  • Bee-hive cubby house
  • Serpents head and other things to climb on
  • Colour mural
  • Trees and gardens to play in

Keep in mind though that it’s out of view from the cafe, down a ramp. It’s had some tlc since we last visited which is great to see but could do with some more.

There’s a gate at the back of the play area as well. Going out this way takes you down to the display gardens and Unearthed Sculptures.

Dragonfly Cafe

The Dragonfly Cafe is a gorgeous spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch or morning/ afternoon tea. Inside you feel like you are sitting in a beautiful greenhouse, complete with a water feature and dragonflys on the walls. This area then flows out to a large outdoor seating area, overlooking the nursery and some display gardens. And there are lap blankets for cooler days.

Eden Gardens Macquarie Park

The menu is definitely on the pricey side – and gotten more expensive recently. Kids meals are now $12. My boys usually share the kids ham and cheese pizza that comes with chips and salad. And they wash it down with a massive mixed berry smoothie that we all share, which is now $9.80. There’s a kids milkshake for $7 – normal size is $8.

Overall, it’s such a pleasant experience sitting inside playing a game of memory or Uno with my boys, surrounded by plants and flowers. And so much more relaxing then doing it a few years ago with a new born and toddler!

Keep in mind that on warmer days, it does get busy. And it’s frustrating that the play area isn’t within view of any tables. This makes it hard for the kids to play while you wait for your meals.


Eden Gardens Macquarie Park

There are a host of display gardens to explore that should be interesting for kids and adults alike. Within you will find flowering gardens, boardwalks, a tower, waterfall, bridges, flowering archways, secret paths with beautiful features and lots more!

Eden Gardens Macquarie Park

And we are in for a treat this spring with the Unearthed art exhibition returning to Eden Gardens. To coincide, there’s a sculpture walk to enjoy the Unearthed art installations.

Here’s a peak of the 2019 exhibition, plus some photos from the 2017!


On your way in or out, there is a stunning nursery decor shop and florist. And just outside, plants galore to purchase, with plenty of knowledgeable staff to assist.

Eden Gardens

And if you’re looking for some plastic pots, there is a container full that you can take for free.

Eden Gardens Macquarie Park

Places of Interest Nearby

Tuckwell Park
Across the road is Tuckwell Park

Finding Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens is along Lane Cove Road, near Lane Cove National Park. There is free on-site parking, either near the entrance or in their underground car park. Or the Macquarie Park train station is 750m away.