Ermington branch library is located next door to the Ermington Community Centre, near Woolworths and the Ermington Police Station.

Ermington Branch Library

It has a lovely kids space at the back of library.

Ermington Branch Library

There are plenty of books, rugs to spread out on, some toys to play with and kids tables to sit at.

Ermington Branch Library

There’s also lots of natural light and it is a great place to relax with the kids and a few books.

Ermington Branch Library

You borrow books at a self checking computer near the exit.

Ermington Branch Library

Weekly Reading Programs

Ermington library run two popular weekly reading programs for kids:

Opening Hours

Ermington library has the same opening hours as Dundas branch library.

  • Monday, Thursday: 10am to 8pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am to 5:30pm
  • Saturday: 9:30am to 12pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Ermington Branch Library

Finding Ermington Branch Library

Ermington library is on River Road, near Victoria Road and Ermington Shops. There is free off-street parking at the community centre.


  1. Hello. I am having trouble trying to find the books “fiction” that the Ermington Library have in stock. Particularly-“Sam Bourne”, “Danial Silver”, “Peter James”. Alison Weir (NOT non-fiction, nor a narrative style of book). Always, what I am interested in (passionate about) is HISTORY whatever culture it may be. A QUESTION Is there some sort of ‘get together’ or a group of people/s that have an avid interest in history (in all shapes or forms) – art history (paintings, buildings, sculptures etc.). Mainly ancient history/art/sculpture. And also. The gods of different elements, ie. the god/ess of weather/sea/crops/birth (ie women), fishing, war etc.? If you can put me in touch with such a group, or advise me of such a group, I would be appreciative Thank You – G Falk (that is: I do not want to write a thesis for university, or get a certificate in ancient history etc., or have to present a detailed idea!! – just people who have a ‘like-mind’ – and who are inquisitive of what the past has to hold for all of us It would be wonderful if the Ermington/library/Parra. library (or whatever site that may be available) could be helpful for those persons who just want to learn about ancient times and passing. OR recommend where people of a similar interest, can either join an established group, or perhaps, maybe, start a new group of people who have a natural learning ‘bent’. Hope you can help, & sorry if I have rambled. Best wishes, Gabrielle Falk.