There’s something wonderful and relaxing about being amongst nature. And going bushwalking is a great, fun way to encourage a love of nature in kids….if done right. The last thing you want to do is make it an ‘unpleasant’ experience for your kids and turn them off wanting to go again! We recommend starting small and walking to interesting spots, with possibly a playground along the way. And make sure to be properly prepared.

Below is a handy list of over 25 kid friendly bushwalks in and around the City of Parramatta, with links to more information about each walk. The list is very much a work in progress as I continue to ‘test’ and enjoy them with my kids as well as with the Parramatta Little Bushwalkers group.

We have also included a Google Map marking roughly the location of each walk, keeping in mind that some walks can be accessed at multiple points. You can also refer to bushwalking information on a few local Council websites – City of Parramatta, Hornsby Shire Council, Hills Shire Council and Ryde Council.

If you are new to bushwalking or would like to walk with other families, we highly recommend joining the Parramatta Little Bushwalkers and Nature Play Facebook group. And the City of Parramatta Council also offer a number of free and affordable  bush/ nature related events.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Bushwalking is a great way to exercise safely outdoors during the coronavirus pandemic. PLEASE make sure you keep a safe distance from other families – moving aside on the path to allow other people to safely pass by. And it’s worth taking hand sanitiser with you to maintain good hygiene practises.

Kid Friendly Bushwalks in the City of Parramatta

Most of the walks in the City of Parramatta are along creeks that feed into Parramatta River. I’m very proud to be a Riverkeeper Ambassador to help make Parramatta River swimmable again. But this is only possible if we clean up the creeks that run into the river. Please help by picking up rubbish you find along your walks and reporting pollution, illegal dumping and large amounts of rubbish via the Snap Send Solve app.

1Hunts Creek Reserve, Carlingford/ North Rocks

2Lake Parramatta Reserve, North Parramatta

  • Length: the She-Oak walk is the one we recommend for young children and is about 1.5km return. You can also start the Lake Circuit track from the dam wall and walk for about half the time your little ones will happily walk before turning back around.
  • Terrain: mostly a flat, bush 2-person wide path, with some rock steps and a creek crossings.
  • Pram Friendly? Yes for an all-terrain pram along the fire trail (near She-Oak track entrance)
  • Playground Nearby: Yes
  • Address: 28 Bourke Street, North Parramatta
  • More Info

3Hazel Ryan Oval, North Rocks

Bower Bird nest along the Orange Pye Loop Track from Hazel Ryan Oval
  • Length: About 900m loop walk.
  • Terrain: Flat, narrow bush path for most of the walk, with a rocky slope down at the beginning and a little incline to the fire trail. The fire trail back to the beginning is wide and flat.
  • Pram Friendly? Only in the beginning sections, along the concrete path from the carpark to Speers Road, and on the fire trail at the end section.
  • Playground Nearby: Yes at the car park.
  • Address: End of Whitbread Place, North Rocks
  • More Info

4North Rocks Dam, Bidjigal Reserve

  • Length: Approximately 350m from Loyalty Road, North Rocks and 600m from Ventura Road, Northmead.
  • Terrain: Steep, sealed path from Loyalty Road. Mostly a flat, wide bush path from Ventura Road.
  • Pram Friendly? Yes for parts, but there are stairs at the bottom viewing platform.
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, there are two small playgrounds on Ventura Road. One on the corner of Winton Ave and the other on Sorlie Ave.
  • Address: End of Loyalty Road, North Rocks OR End of Ventura Road, Northmead
  • More Info

5Terrys Creek, Epping

  • Length: Approximately 800m one-way to the waterfall from Vimiera Reserve in Epping. Or 600m from Epping Aquatic Centre to the waterfall.
  • Terrain: Mostly flat, narrow bush path, with little inclines and rocky bits. Near the waterfall, you need to clamber up and down some rocks.
  • Pram Friendly? No
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, Forrester Park
  • Address: Vimiera Reserve, Essex Street, Epping
  • More Info

6Moxham Park – Hourigans Quarry Wetlands to John Curtin Reserve | Northmead

8Vineyard Creek Reserve, Oatlands/ Dundas/ Telopea

9Water Dragon Way, Winston Hills to Northmead

10Redbank Track (South), Northmead

  • Length: 400m one way from Redbank Road (going west) along the boardwalk. It then continues (after going up some stairs) along a track which you can follow all the way around to Robin Hood Park
  • Terrain: Boardwalk for first section and then flat narrow path
  • Pram Friendly? Yes, along boardwalk
  • Playground Nearby: No
  • Address: Redbank Road, just down from Bunnings before the bridge over to Cumberland Hospital
  • More Info

11Pioneer Track (West), Beecroft – Carlingford

12Otto Losco Reserve (Water Dragon Walk), Northmead

13Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park

  • Length: There are lots of walking paths in Bicentennial Park so you can make your walk a few hundred metres or a few kilometres.
  • Terrain: mostly flat paved paths
  • Pram Friendly? Yes
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, there are two playgrounds in Bicentennial Park – one at Village Green (near Waterview Cafe) and the other at Concord West playground.
  • Pram Friendly? Yes
  • Address: Australia Ave, Sydney Olympic Park
  • More Info

14Redbank Track (North), Northmead

Toongabbie Creek
  • Length: 600m one way from Robin Hood Park playground to Old Windsor Road Bridge and another 300m to Alice Watkins Reserve
  • Terrain: Mostly a flat wide grassed path, though there are a few rocks to navigate over and a narrow wooden bridge
  • Pram Friendly? Some parts
  • Playground Nearby: Robin Hood Park and Alice Watkins Reserve
  • Address: Various entry points, including Robin Hood Park
  • More Info

15Third Settlement Reserve, Winston Hills

  • Length: About 250m one way, though you can continue further along Toongabbie Creek to the water hole in the picture above
  • Terrain: Wide, flat bush track
  • Pram Friendly? Yes
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, at Third Settlement Reserve near corner of Edison Parade and Oakes Road.
  • Address: Edison Parade, Winston Hills
  • More Info

16Reynolds Park/ Sue Savage Reserve, Toongabbie

  • Length: About 900m loop, from behind the playground (next to the old basketball court) at Reynolds Park across Toongabbie Creek (going west), then cross over Toongabbie Creek and go east back to the playground.
  • Terrain: Wide, flat bush track with two creek crossings that have rock steeping stones
  • Pram Friendly? No (two creek rock crossings)
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, Reynolds Park (with bike/ scooter track)
  • Address: Chanel Street, Toongabbie
  • More Info

17Pioneer Track (Eastern) Ray Park Loop, Carlingford

  • Length: Loop from Ray Park, out to near Midson Road, is about 1.25km.
  • Terrain: Uneven, narrow bush path with a creek and road crossing.
  • Pram Friendly? No
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, walk starts next to the playground at Ray Park.
  • Address: Avonlea Drive, Carlingford
  • More Info

18Moxham Loop Track | Northmead, Winston Hills

19Settlers Walk, Winston Hills – Toongabbie

  • Length: About 1km from Oakes Road (Baxter) in Winston Hills to Chanel Street in Toongabbie
  • Pram Friendly? Yes (except the entrance near Baxter on Oakes Road – need to lift pram over bar)
  • Playgrounds Nearby: Yes, Third Settlement Reserve and Reynolds Park
  • Address: Oakes Road, Winston Hills or Chanel Street, Toongabbie
  • More Info

20Subiaco Creek Walk, Rydalmere

  • Length: 1km from Crowgey Street to Park Road along Subiaco Creek.
  • Terrain: Mostly flat, narrow bush path, with two creek crossings, about three sets of a few stairs and a few little inclines.
  • Pram Friendly? No
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, at Winjoy Reserve and Marri Badoo Reserve
  • Address: Crowgey Street and Park Road in Rydalmere
  • Close to Public Transport: Yes, buses along Victoria and Park Roads
  • More Info

21Whale Rock Walk, Epping

  • Length: about 250m from Boundary Road (near Braidwood Ave), and you can continue on along Devlins Creek track. Or start from Ron Payne Park for a 1.8km loop walk.
  • Terrain: Steep down to Whale Rock and then relatively flat path next to the creek
  • Pram Friendly? Yes, along a paved fire trail from Boundary Road but it is steep
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, Ron Payne Park
  • Address: Boundary Rd, North Epping
  • More Info

Other Nearby Kid Friendly Bushwalks

22Platypus Track, Bidjigal Reserve, Baulkham Hills

  • Length: 2.15kms
  • Terrain: Steep in parts to get down into the valley (with rock/ sandstone stairs), then flat along the creek before a short steep walk back up on a fire trail.
  • Pram Friendly? No
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, Eric Mobbs Reserve
  • Address: end of Excelsior Ave in Castle Hill, though we park in Eric Mobbs Reserve (entry via Ferguson Ave, at the Men’s Shed)
  • More Info

23Callicoma Cascade Walk, Baulkham Hills

25Richard Webb Reserve, West Pennant Hills

26Brush Farm Reserve, Eastwood

  • Length: 930m loop
  • Terrain: A general slope down and then a slight incline back up, with some stairs on a well marked path
  • Pram Friendly? No
  • Playground Nearby: Small one at Brush Farm Park
  • Address: Lawson Street, Eastwood
  • More Info

27Cumberland State Forest, West Pennant Hills

  • Length: There are 3 walks in Cumberland State Forest, with the Sensory Trail Loop being 350m, Palm Gully Trail 1km and Forest Trail 1.3km
  • Terrain: The Sensory Trail is flat and doable with a pram. The other two walks have steps and some slopes.
  • Pram Friendly? Yes, Sensory Trail
  • Playground Nearby: No, but there’s a cafe, Visitor Information Centre and Plant Nursery
  • Address: Cumberland Forest Way (off Castle Hill Road), West Pennant Hills
  • More Info

28Berry Island Reserve, Wollstonecraft

Bushwalking at Berry Island Reserve

29Boronia Park, Hunters Hill

  • Length: 2.5km loop
  • Terrain: A few stairs and path is mostly narrow
  • Pram Friendly? No
  • Playground Nearby: Yes, on the corner of Ryde Road and Boronia Ave
  • Address: Park Road, Hunters Hill
  • More Info

30Darvall Park, Denistone

Google Map of Bushwalks

Here is a Google Map roughly marking the location of each walk – either a starting point, somewhere along the walk or the end destination. Please keep in mind that some walks can be accessed at multiple points and span a long distance.

Tips for Bushwalking with Kids

Summer School Holidays with Little Ones
Balls Head Reserve
  • Remember to always pack plenty of water and snacks, take a small first aid kit, fully charged phone and mozzie repellant. Plus let someone know where you are going.
  • I usually dress my kids in a brightly coloured top so they are easier to spot amongst the bush.
  • Before setting off, work out roughly how long you think your kids can walk for, allowing for a number of rest and food stops. Then only walk for half that time before turning around and walking back out the way you came. It may not be as interesting as doing a round trip, but it will very likely save you having to listen to a LOT of whinging, tantrums and having to carry them. As a guide, I have found that my boys (4yr and 3yr) take up to 3 times as long to walk a trail then what is listed for an adult.
  • My main rule for the kids when bushwalking is that they must always be able to see me (or another adult we are walking with).
  • Please pack a garbage bag and collect rubbish along the way.
  • Remember, the bush is teeming with wildlife. It’s nearly always best to take the look but don’t touch approach. And in summer, you may very well come across snakes on your bushwalks. While the noise kids usually make should warn the snakes that you are approaching, you can also stomp along to alert them more. The snakes are usually more scared on you and best to just walk away from them.
kid friendly bushwalks
Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden – Senses track

Nature and Environmental Related Local Events

The Parramatta Little Bushwalkers Group go walking at least fortnightly on a Friday morning as well as some weekend walks. Join the Facebook group to find out about their upcoming events.

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