My boys love all things farm and get particularly excited about eggs and chickens…..picture arms flapping and squeals. We read lots of books about farms and watch some great YouTube clips, but they can’t replace the fun and experience of actually visiting a farm.

There are a handful of places we know of in Sydney where you can regularly see farm animals but only a few where you can actually collect eggs.

Nancy's Freedom Farm Arcadia

The little known Nancy’s Freedom Farm is just perfect for an hour or two of egg collecting and exploring on a farm. Owned and operated by the very friendly and wonderfully helpful Nancy, there are hundreds of chickens who happily roam free. This means that when you join her to collect eggs from the various chicken coups around the farm, you will be treated to collecting LARGE buckets full.

In addition to collecting eggs, chasing chickens and holding chicks (depending on the time of year), you can also see and play with the goats, sheep, ducks, cats and dogs at Nancy’s Freedom Farm.

Farm fresh eggs can be purchased for $8 a dozen and you can grab these anytime you are passing by as Nancy has a fridge and honesty box outside her house.

Touring Nancy’s Freedom Farm

Nancy's Freedom Farm Arcadia
Baby goats napping in the sun

The cost to do a farm tour is $15 per person and kids under 3 are free. Tours are by appointment only to make sure Nancy will be home to show you around. Just call her on 0439 404 433, and it is a good idea to confirm via SMS the night before in case something has come up. She has a Facebook page where you can get updates on her gorgeous farm animals and her contact details.

It is best to wear gumboots and we usually take a picnic lunch to enjoy on Nancy’s farm after doing a tour in the morning. You could also grab a bite to eat at the cafes in nearby Galston, Dural and Glenorie.

Nancy's Freedom Farm Arcadia
Kids chasing kids

Please keep in mind that this is a working family farm and operated almost solely by Nancy – it’s definitely the authentic farm experience.

Nancy's Freedom Farm Arcadia

Kids must be supervised by their parents while touring the farm. If you or your kids are scared of dogs, then just let Nancy know so she can tie them up or move them away.

Finding Nancy’s Freedom Farm

It takes about 40 mins from Parramatta CBD to reach Nancy’s Farm and the drive is lovely in itself as you live suburbia and enter Sydney’s countryside fringe. You will see a free range egg sign as you approach 97 Arcadia Road and then follow the driveway around to the left.

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