Going to playgroup is one of our favourite weekly activities. Our playgroup helped us greatly with settling into the area and keeping me (mostly) sane when I had two under two. It’s also through playgroup that I was introduced to the supportive Parramatta District Mums group and became part of ParraParents.

Below you’ll find information on what a playgroup is, the different types of playgroups around and how to find a playgroup. There is also a list of local playgroups recommended by local mums. The recommended playgroups are listed by day and can also be found in our What’s On Calendar.

NOTE: This guide was developed and last updated before covid. You need to contact the playgroup organiser to confirm they are still running and book in. We will update the guide once things return to ‘normal’ and all playgroups are operating again.


What is a Playgroup?

Early Learning Through Play Supported Playgroup

A playgroup is a weekly get together of families with little ones who haven’t yet started school. The kids play in a safe environment, while parents/ carers supervise and socialise. They are held at a variety of community venues, normally just during school term, for a few hours. The playgroup activities can include music and singing, outdoor and indoor free play, art and craft, and morning tea. Most playgroups are run by the people who go to them and the more families get involved, the more enjoyable they are for everyone attending.

There is really no typical playgroup these days and they come in all shapes and sizes. The different combination of parents, kids, venue and how they operate makes each one unique. It’s important to take the time to find one that is right for you and also allow time to settle into a playgroup. In NSW, there are over 1,000 playgroup sessions, with more than 25,000 parents and children meeting, each week! And there must be at least 100 playgroup sessions in the Parramatta District each week…. so hopefully you can find one that suits.

Types of Playgroups

Telopea playgroup
Playgroups can be broadly grouped into three types, depending on who they are organised through:

  1. Playgroup NSW: Most playgroups are run through Playgroup NSW. They are usually organised by the families attending and you sign up for a term. To attend, you must become a member of Playgroup NSW, which is now FREE! Membership covers your insurance and allows you to attend any Playgroup NSW playgroup (assuming they have space). You will then usually have to pay a term fee to the playgroup to cover hall hire, toys and supplies. Most Playgroup NSW playgroups are open to all families with children 0-5yrs. Some though are for specific age groups (like a babies playgroup) or groups of parents (like ones for grandparents).
  2. Local Churches: Most church playgroups are organised by volunteers from the church and you can usually just attend on a drop in, or week to week basis. Some are free and others ask for a gold coin donation or small weekly fee.
  3. Community organisations (like schools, cultural groups and government funded programs): These playgroups are normally supported playgroups, where a person is employed to organise and support the playgroup. They are usually free and you sign up for a term.

Finding a Playgroup

West Ryde Wombats PlaygroupAll playgroups run through Playgroup NSW are listed on their website and you can search for local playgroups by entering your suburb/ postcode and distance you are happy to travel.

Finding playgroups run by churches and community organisations is not so easy, as there isn’t one place where they are all listed. If you know of a local church or community organisation, you can check their website or contact them directly to see if they run a playgroup.

And to help find playgroups locally, we have started a Playgroup Directory for ones in and around the City of Parramatta.

Recommended Playgrounds

Below are local playgroups recommended by mums from the Parramatta District Mums Facebook group. The playgroups are listed by the day they run. And they can also be found in our What’s on Calendar.







Is your lovely playgroup missing from the list? Please comment below with details and we will add it to our directory.


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