What Happen’s At Gymbaroo?


My children attend Ryde Gymbaroo and have been doing so since they were 4 months. Here is a rundown of what to expect in the toddler classes.

At the start, we sing the hello song, perform some massages, do some essential skills such as jumping and rolling. We also perform a short dance.

After, the children sit on a mat for treasure bag time. We start with the treasure bag song. At the beginning of the class some children would have brought an item for the treasure bag. Today’s item was barn. We talk about what a barn is, look at some pictures and then look at the items that our friends have brought in. Gymbaroo has enough toys for all the children to have a play.

The kids individually look at the picture of the word as well as the written word.
Once they receive a stamp of the treasure bag item on their right hand and right foot, they make their way to the gym.

They are able to climb the obstacle course, go through tunnels, jump on the trampolines, play with puzzles and more.

After 15 minutes, we move back up to have music and parachute time. Each week we have a different instrument, from maracas to tambourines and more.Finally we sing the goodbye song.

At the beginning of term we are given a visualisation book. The children can take a print out of the treasure bag word and picture. They colour it in and add it in their books. Each week they can bring it to Gymbaroo to receive a reward sticker for their great work.
We do enjoy gumbaroo and think it’s a great program.