Now when it comes to favourite playgrounds, Livvi’s Places are always high on our list. These inclusive play spaces for kids of all abilities are developed by the wonderful Touched By Olivia Foundation, in partnership with local council and community organisations, such as Variety. Local kids inform the design and they demonstrate best practice in playgrounds. Yes we are BIG fans! And Variety Livvi’s Place Bankstown makes a great addition to the growing Livvi’s Place family in Sydney. For me, it’s like a new and improved Livvi’s Place Ryde.

Livvi’s Place Bankstown is about 16km south of Parramatta, near the A6 (Stacey Street). We have been hanging out for this playground as a great mid-way play date spot with friends from the Sutherland Shire. But think it’s definitely worth visiting just to let your kids enjoy a fabulous play space! We saw lots of smiles and then tears when it was time to go.

Livvi's Place Bankstown

The first thing that strikes you is how beautifully colourful the playground is. It just screams, come and have lots of fun here.

Livvi's Place Bankstown

The next big tick is that it’s fenced (like all Livvi’s Places), which just takes our stress levels down a notch as parents.

Livvi's Place Bankstown

What we particularly LOVE about Livvi’s Place Bankstown is that there is line of sight across the playground. Very important when you are visiting on your own and have two or more little ones.

Livvi's Place Bankstown

The next thing that makes this a fabulous playground is that it has nearly every type of play in one space! There’s sand, water, trampoline, slides, swings, spinner, nature trail, flying fox, climbing, balancing and imaginative play. The only thing we didn’t spot was musical play but I’m thinking we may just have missed it.

We really liked the natural based play elements and murals. There is a nature trail, stepping stones and a bit of bush for the kids to play in.

Of course shade is very important and there are a few shade sails and mature trees, providing some shade. It will be hot in summer at the moment until the new trees have time to grow.

Livvi's Place Bankstown

We found a lovely spot to sit under a tree on lush grass to enjoy our lunch. There is a dual BBQ and picnic tables, which were all taken and will be in high demand.

Outside the entrance is a toilet block. Though unfortunately it needs to be manually unlocked. We understand from a parent we met that they had to call Council to get them unlocked.

Livvi's Place Bankstown

Next to the fenced playground, there are more picnic shelters and a large grassed area to play on.

Livvi's Place Bankstown

This park truly has everything covered! And much needed in the area.

Livvi's Place Bankstown

Now there are nearly always improvements that can be made to playgrounds. The things that stood out to us when we visited shortly after it opened are:

  • visibility of steps – we noticed a few kids tripping up steps through the playgrounds and over edges around the water play area.
  • the ledge for the flying fox seems to be too short and you really need to lift your child into the chair mid-way along and then push them back to the start. Plus the chair is very small.
  • more bins are needed – they were all overflowing when we visited.
  • more shade will be needed on warmer days. While lots of trees have been planted, and will provide shade in the future, there seemed to a few spots where trees should still be planted.

They aren’t deal breaker though and I’m sure that these things will be looked by City of Canterbury Bankstown Council once the playground has had time to settle in and is used for a bit.

Finding Livvi’s Place Bankstown

You will find the new Livvi’s Place Bankstown at Bankstown City Gardens, just next to Bankstown Public School. There’s front to kerb parking next to the playground as well as street parking. It’s a 700m walk to Bankstown train station. And buses stop near the park.

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