Merrylands Memorial Park got an upgrade in May 2019, with the addition of new swings and play equipment.

Merrylands Memorial Park

There will be a Picnic in the Park event on 7th June from 10:30am to 12:30pm to celebrate the official opening, organised by Cumberland Council.

Picnic in the Park

Merrylands Memorial Park sits in between Treves Street and Windsor Road. It’s partially fenced, with openings at the entrances from the two roads. The playground is closer to Treves Street, which is also the busier road.

Merrylands Memorial Park

There’s bark under most of the play equipment (except the merry-go-round) and rubber under the swings.

Merrylands Memorial Park

Within the playground, you’ll find:

  • see-saw
  • merry-go-round
  • rope climbing
  • balance beam and stepping pads
  • hold on, fixed slider
  • rope bridge
  • dolphin

On the other side of the park, along Windsor Road, are four swings – one with a toddler seat.

Merrylands Memorial Park

There are seats around the playground. Plus a basketball court and a tree that’s great for climbing.

And just around the corner, on Windsor Road in front of the Child Care Centre, is a street library, where you can swap books – #takeabookleaveabook.

Finding Merrylands Memorial Park

Merrylands Memorial Park is across from Stockland Merrylands, on the other side from the train station. It’s address is 16-26 Treves Street, Merrylands. But it is also bordered by Windsor Road. And it’s best to work in this street if coming by car, or you could always park at Stockland. The park is also a short walk from Merrylands train station.

Places of Interest Nearby

  • Stockland Merrylands
  • Merrylands train station
  • Merrylands RSL
  • Holroyd Gardens