Winjoy Reserve Dundas RydalmereWinjoy Reserve is our local playground and we were very excited to hear it was scheduled for an upgrade when we moved to Rydalmere last year. Particularly seeing we used to live across from Dundas Park and the fab water playground there. As you can imagine, it was a bit hard to adjust to this smaller, older playground. Thankfully, Fred Robertson Reserve isn’t too far away so this became our more regularly visited local.

Winjoy Reserve Dundas Rydalmere
Old playground that was at Winjoy Reserve

Now unfortunately the upgrade is taking a lot longer than expected. And I have had to explain to my kids a few times a day for the last month why they can’t yet try out the new playground that is just sitting there behind a fence. The fence was open a bit the other day so we took a sneak peek but they didn’t want to play….bless them for following the ‘rules’. Word from Council is that it may still be up to three weeks before the fences come down :-(.

Winjoy Reserve Dundas Rydalmere
Watching the new playground being built

The new playground has a train theme and the centre piece is a cute train which is on a softfall train line. Next to it is a ticket booth with the train times.

Winjoy Reserve Dundas

Plus there is a climbing play gym with tunnels, slide and a spider rope climbing wall.

There is also a swing set with a toddler seat. And a good sized grass area between the playground and fence along the train line at the back.

Next to the playground is a picnic table and there are also some seats. Plus you will find a bubbler and small path through the park good for riding on. Keep in mind that there are no toilets at the park, nor at the train station unfortunately.

Just around the corner at the Dundas shops you will find a take away burger and chips place, bakery, chemist, post office and pizza take away. About a 5-10 minute walk away, on the other side of the train line is the Bells Road Social cafe next to Fred Robertson Reserve. And further up Calder Road is the Big Tree House Cafe.

Finding Winjoy Reserve

You will find Winjoy Reserve just behind the Dundas shops, and right near Dundas train station. There is parking in between the reserve and back of the shops, as well as in front of the shops. And you can also get there by bus along Kissing Point Road.

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