Millions of kids around the world enjoy lollipops each year. And it’s easy to see why – they’re sweet, small and simple to stuck on while playing.

But sadly once the fun is over, the plastic lollipop stick is easily forgotten, commonly littered and lasts forever in our environment. It’s crazy that you can find over 100 littered lollipop sticks at Blaxland Riverside Park or hundreds along the foreshore at George Kendall Riverside Park…. trust us, we have! And now that you’re aware, you’ll start to notice them all over the place too, from supermarket carparks, to playgrounds, outside schools and along footpaths… trust us, we do!

The Lollipop Ladies Where's the Stick Parramatta River

Plastic lollipop sticks are actually the 8th most common whole litter item found in urban mangrove areas in NSW (including along Parramatta River)*.

We want to stop plastic lollipop sticks polluting Parramatta River and harming wildlife. So we made a giant lollipop to raise awareness of how even this seemingly trivial piece of plastic affects our local environment. It’s about 1.7m tall and many, many hours over a year to make. Most of the hundreds of littered lollipop sticks on it were found around Parramatta River between Silverwater Bridge and Ermington boat ramp!

We have a simple request – please join us in asking, “Where’s the Stick?” and POPPING plastic sticks in the bin!

The Lollipop Ladies Where's the Stick Parramatta River
The Lollipop Ladies, Nichola Bryan and Kellie Darley

Fabulous Prize Pack to be Won

Now let’s see if you can hit the sweet spot when it comes to guessing how many littered lollipop sticks went into making our giant lollipop to win our fabulous prize pack! The person who guesses the correct number of lollipop sticks, or the nearest number, by 12th June 2022 will WIN:

  1. One month family pass to Cuto Kids Cafe in Wentworth Point, worth up to $1,708
  2. Diver Dave kids party show (valued at $395), thanks to City of Parramatta
  3. One family pass to see a show at Riverside Theatres (worth up to $120)
  4. Family lunch at Armory Wharf Cafe (up to $120)

City of Parramatta Giant Lollipop Guessing Competition


There’s only one entry per person so make it count!

Entry Form

Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. By entering and participating, the entrant agrees to the terms and conditions set out below.
  2. By entering and participating, the entrant agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify ParraParents, Cuto Kids Cafe, City of Parramatta, Riverside Theatres and Armory Wharf Cafe from and against any and all claims, demands, liability, damages or causes of action (however named or described), losses, costs or expenses, with respect to or arising out of or related to (i) entrant’s participation in the competition, or (ii) entrant’s participation in any prize related activities, acceptance of a prize and/or use or misuse of a prize (including, without limitation, any property loss, damage, personal injury or death caused to any person(s).
  3. The competition is only open to people anyone living in Greater Sydney.
  4. Only 1 (one) entry per person will be accepted.
  5. The winner will be the person who guesses the correct number of littered lollipop sticks that went into making the Lollipop Ladies giant lollipop, or closest to it, as judged by Nichola Bryan. In the case of more than one person guessing the correct number, the person who entered first will be the winner. The judge’s decision is final.
  6. The competition begins on SATURDAY 5TH JUNE 2021 and ends 8PM SUNDAY 12TH JUNE 2022, with a pause in the competition from 25th October until end of January 2022 due to the Local Council election. Entries must be submitted by 8PM SUNDAY 12TH JUNE 2022 via the entry form above.
  7. The winner will be announced on the ParraParents website and social media accounts by 30TH JUNE 2022.
  8. The winner will be contacted by FRIDAY 1ST JULY 2022. If the winner does not provide their full name and contact details by MONDAY 4TH JULY at 5pm, then ParraParents will select another winner.
  9. There are ONE prize to be won. This prize consists of a month’s family pass to Cuto Kids Cafe in Wentworth Point (valued up to $1,708), Diver Dave’s kids birthday party show thanks to City of Parramatta (valued at $395), family pass to a Riverside Theatres show (valued up to $120) and a family lunch at Armory Wharf Cafe (valued up to $120).
  10. All prizes in the prize pack are valid until 31st December 2022 and can not be redeemed on public holidays.
  11. Each prize in the prize pack has it’s own set of terms and conditions.
    1. Cuto Kids Cafe: The family month pass is for two adults and two children (at least 1 child is aged 0–6-year-old). It’s valid for entry for one months starting from the first entry and does not include any food or drinks. The family monthly pass is not for sharing with other families the winner will need to provide the names of the 4 family members, contact number and children’s date of birth.
    2. Diver Dave Kids Party Show: Bookings should be made at least a month out from the party day and are subject to availability. There is no limit on the number of kids that can attend, except where covid restrictions are in place. The booking can be rescheduled up to 10 business days before the show without additional charges being applied. Rescheduling workshops within 10 business days will incur a 20% fee and cancelling a workshop within 10 business days will incur a 50% fee. Shows can sometimes be postponed due to extreme weather conditions for collecting marine specimens and will need to be rescheduled.
    3. Armory Wharf Cafe: The $120 voucher is redeemable for food and beverage at the Armory Wharf Cafe only and not redeemable for cash. The voucher is to
      be used within one lunch transaction (2 adult and 2 kids meals) and no change will be given from any remaining value
  12. The winner will be sent their prizes electronically.
  13. The prizes are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash and must be taken as given.
  14. In the event a winner is not able to receive their prize, a runner up will be selected by the judges.
  15. In the event that there are less than 200 entries received, ParraParents reserves the right to extend or cancel the competition period.
  16. ParraParents reserves the right to adjust these competition terms and conditions as required.
  17. This competition was organised prior to Kellie Darley deciding to stand in the Local Council Elections and being elected as a Councillor. The competition was postponed during the election and now being administered by Nichola Bryan, co-creator of the giant lollipop from the Bowerbird Herd.

* NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Key Littered Items Study (KLIS), 2019 data.