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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Mandy is mum to a very cheeky, effervescent 2-year-old girl and a smiley, chatty baby boy. Life is full with these two and she often finds herself pondering the deep questions in life, "What to deal with first? The poo on the clothes, the vomit on the floor, the toddler tantrum or the fire in the oven???" If she ever finds the elusive free time ever again she hopes to master the Mandarin language, get fit enough to run a marathon and write and publish a children's picture book. She embraces the joys and sorrows of being a Sydney Swans die hard, she now plays piano in the air because the keyboard got relegated to the garage in favour of toys and baby swings and she will gladly sell you a hand-reared baby cockatiel. She loves going on ordinary excursions with her kids around this great city of ours and hopes to share some experiences with you!
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