The team from Play Coffee have created a new cafe inside Beecroft Place shopping centre. This is the same fab, hole-in-the-wall team from Artarmon. And I believe pre-covid, Balmain, but alas the global pandemic shut that operation down.

After a pause, they relocated to 13 Dickson Avenue, Artarmon – a boutique operation where they roast the beans that are served to you in the espresso beverages, magic! Play Coffee has recently expanded and lucky for us, chose Beecroft Place. They’re open daily from 7am to 5pm.

Play Coffee Beecroft

Now you might think, hang on, aren’t there already many high quality cafes in the area? Like Longshot Cafe (that’s the one where you can bring your dog) and Chicken & Fishhead cafe (that’s the one that also sells kids wear), just to name two. Well, yes there are. But I’m here to tell you Play Coffee beats them all in quality of espresso and inventiveness of menu. Plus they are just so darn nice and welcoming!

Play Coffee Beecroft Play Coffee Beecroft

The team at Play Coffee control the whole coffee ecosystem and bring you exceptional espresso beverages from their own small scale roasting. The only thing missing, that could improve this, would be their own coffee plantation….. which might be the next step of their evolution? Simply put, you can’t get better than what Play Coffee is delivering… it’s magic! Yes they do make a Magic as well. What is a Magic I hear you ask? Well add Magic to your Cortado to upgrade your own beverage options.

Play Coffee Beecroft

The menu is excellent and creative. Try and resist the pastries (best biscotti’s I’ve had outside of Roma) as well English Man Stack and the best burger in Western Sydney! I know a big call but I back it and encourage you to devour one!

Play Coffee Beecroft

You also have the Beecroft Railway Station Gardens with the cute Train theme playground nearby, which is lots of fun for at least an 1hr.

Beecroft train park

Finding Play Coffee

Play Coffee is located across from Woolworths in Beecroft Place at 18 Hannah St, Beecroft. It’s open daily from 7am to 5pm.

There’s undercover parking available via Hannah St, including parents with prams parking.
Parking is free for the first 3 hours. Play Coffee is also only a short walk from Beecroft train station.

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