Gallery Gardens has been best known for its tennis courts. But with much work going on to regenerate the precious bushland there, and a lovely new nature based playground, hopefully it will become known for these as well.

Gallery Gardens Old Toongabbie

Council started work to upgrade the Gallery Gardens playground, picnic facilities and tennis courts in October 2020. The playground is now open for play, while work continues on upgrading the tennis courts and regenerating the nearby bushland.


The new playground at Gallery Gardens opened just before Christmas and the whether hasn’t been so good to have a proper play since. So we’ll update our review once we can go back for a play.

For comparison, here are pics of the old playground.

Gallery Gardens Old Toongabbie

Gallery Gardens Old Toongabbie

Bush Regeneration

A group of wonderful local residents, with the support of City of Parramatta Council and a Federal Government Environment Grant, are regenerating the endangered bushland at Gallery Gardens.

The focus is on establishing small bird habitats. You can join them once a month to help with removing weeds and planting.

Gallery Gardens Old Toongabbie

And at the same time, the volunteers are cleaning up the creek and adding some colour to the space.

Gallery Gardens Old Toongabbie
Photo credit: Social Canvas

Finding Gallery Gardens

The playground at Gallery Gardens is best accessed from Picasso Crescent in Old Toongabbie. There’s street parking there, plus on Raphael Place.

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