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Christmas is the perfect time to start a new family tradition. Why not challenge yourself with a different kind of "advent calendar" and replace it with daily Random Acts of Christmas Kindness? UPDATED: 30th November 2018


24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

It’s easy to get caught up in the “getting” at Christmas time.  Yet we all know it can be far more meaningful to focus on the “giving”. If your intention is to raise children who are grateful, compassionate, and who think of others, then read on to find out how to get involved with Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.

24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

The Kindness Revolution

I came across the concept of random acts of kindness several years ago through Jono Fisher’s Wake Up Project. I was introduced to his breathtakingly simple, yet incredibly powerful Kindness Cards as a recipient.  Waiting in line for a coffee, a stranger anonymously and randomly paid for my cappuccino.  It showed me first hand the power of a simple gesture.  It really made my day and the feeling of that first random act of kindness has stayed with me. As a result, I’ve now paid it forward multiple times.  Each time reaffirming my belief that small acts of kindness can change the world.

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Christmas is the perfect time to start a new family tradition and teach your children the value of gratitude and kindness to others.

24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness is about setting a challenge for your family to experience a different type of advent calendar. Rather than getting a daily chocolate treat behind a little cardboard door, you and your children can brainstorm ways to give to others in the lead up to Christmas. Your children will learn first-hand that even a small gesture can have a positive impact. Plus most of all, they’ll feel great knowing they are contributing to the happiness of others.

AND if 24 acts seems like too much, do what you feel is achievable for your family. Even carrying out 5 or 10 random acts of Christmas kindness is a great start.

24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Planning Your Random Acts

Plenty of the random acts of kindness below can be carried out as a family, enabling children to participate directly in the random act experience.  While other suggestions are for parents to role-model kind/ giving behaviour to their children.  These can provide an opportunity to start conversations with your children about different ways we can give to others and be more community-minded.

Plus, many ideas are completely free or minimal cost, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the budget!

Random Acts of Kindness Suggestions To Get You Started

  1. Let someone go ahead of you in a line
  2. Pay for someone else’s coffee
  3. Donate food to your local foodbank/emergency relief (coffee, tea, long-life milk, cereal, tinned fruit, pasta, baby food pouches, biscuits, jars of meal bases are all useful items)
  4. Help a neighbour with a chore or an errand
  5. Give a homeless person a blanket
  1. Give flowers to a stranger
  2. Donate toys to the children’s hospital
  3. Bring breakfast/coffee for your teachers
  4. Smile at everyone you see
  5. Compliment a stranger
  6. Pick up 5 items of rubbish at your local park / beach / bushwalk
  7. Visit residents in an aged care facility (with a small gift and a smile)
  8. Paint kindness rocks with positive messages and hide at your local park
  1. Fulfil a giving / wishing tree request at your local shopping centre
  2. Tape change to a vending machine for a stranger to find
  3. Take supplies to an animal shelter (dog treats, towels, blankets, cat litter etc), like Blacktown City Animal Holding FacilityAnimal Welfare League NSW or Monika’s Doggie Rescue
  4. Hold the door open for people
  5. Write a note to a friend thanking them for their friendship
  6. Offer your seat on the bus/ train to another person
  7. Give handmade Christmas cards to your neighbours
  8. Leave water out for birds
  1. Write a letter (or draw a picture) for your sibling telling them why you love them
  2. Send notes to the houses with great Christmas lights thanking them for lighting up their house
  3. Leave a friendly note in a library book
  4. Look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment
  5. Leave a gold coin in a shopping trolley for the next shopper to find
  6. Donate the “free” coffee on your cafe loyalty card to the person behind you in line
  7. Make a new friend at school by inviting someone you don’t normally play with to join your game
  8. Offer to wash your neighbour’s car
  1. Give away things you no longer need on a local “pay it forward” Facebook page
  2. Donate blood and register as an organ donor (adults only of course, but include your children in the conversation about the reasons you’re doing it)
  3. Send a care parcel to deployed Defence personnel
  4. Make a bird feeder
  5. Donate books to a local street library – there are over 80 from Ryde to Blacktown!
street library rydalmere public school
Street library outside Rydalmere Public School
  1. Give a local small business you have enjoyed a glowing online review
  2. Pay for the person behind you in a fast-food drive-thru
  3. Volunteer as a charity gift-wrapper.
  4. Say “good morning” and “hello” to people as you walk along the street
  5. Leave chalk messages around where you live
  6. Give out free hugs today

24 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Got some more ideas?  Please share!

FREE Kindness Advent Calendars

You can also find free kindness advent calendars online to download. Here are some examples: