W.R. Musto Reserve – Fenced Playground | Parramatta

w.r. musto playground parramatta fenced best playgrounds in parramatta

w.r. musto playground parramattaIf you’re looking for a quiet, stress-free way to burn your kids’ excess energy while you watch them from a nearby bench, head down to the W.R. Musto Playground in Parramatta.

This little fenced playground is suitable for kids from 2-8 years old. The main structure consists of steps leading to a slide and a lookout point with a steering wheel.

w.r. musto playground parramatta fenced best playgrounds in parramatta
Main structure with slide, climbing frame, and fireman pole

From the lookout point, there are two ways to get down: a fireman pole or a web structure. At the bottom, there’s a pretend shop and two more steering wheels for little actors and actresses.

Near the entrance, there are monkey bars where little gymnasts can work on their upper body strength. A short distance past the slide is a shaded picnic table where you can simply sit down or have some tea. The picnic table is right next to a pair of swings, one of which is a bucket swing suitable for toddlers.

The playground is completely fenced, and is usually very quiet during school hours. This makes it desirable for parents who have more than 1 active child to watch. There is also a path around the playground, within the fence, that kids can ride their bikes and scooters on.

Finding W.R. Musto Playground

It is located at the corner of Thomas and Gore streets in Parramatta.