A short walk from West Ryde station is the popular Anzac Park. And now there’s a fun new playground under the big trees along Wattle Street.

anzac park west ryde

Weekly on Wednesdays during school term (pre/ post coronavirus), the Magic of Storytelling Playgroup is held in Anzac Park from 10am. This is a free to attend, drop-in outdoor playgroup.

You can also now enjoy free books in the park now, with a street library being installed at Anzac Park in September 2019.

street library anzac park

Plus, there’s heaps of grassed areas to kick a ball around or have a picnic.

autumn colours anzac park west ryde

And back up near the station on Ryedale Road are a few cafes, including Element Six with books and a few kids toys.

Finding Anzac Park

Anzac Park is bordered by four roads – Anzac Ave, Herbert Street, Ryedale Lane and Wattle Street. There’s limited, timed street parking on the surrounding streets. But it’s only a short walk from West Ryde station.

Places of Interest Nearby

  • Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club
  • West Ryde Train Station
  • West Ryde Marketplace
  • West Ryde Library


  1. Dear Paraparents,

    You may have received a notice from council recently of development application for a 5 story, 26 room student boarding house to be constructed at 85 Anzac Avenue, West Ryde.

    This boarding house is planned to house:

    • Up to 47 students and 1 manager;

    • 4 parking spaces and 6 motor cycle and bicycle racks

    It will take 1.5-2 years to construct.

    What does this mean for you?

    Commuter parking

    If you live on Anzac Avenue, you may note that parking is already difficult due to the overflow from the commuter parking. Parking is generally insufficient at the best of times and quite often commuters come to Anzac Avenue and surrounding roads from surrounding suburbs which do not have access to a train station to find a spot before hopping on the train. Suburbs like Rydalmere, Melrose Park, Ermington, Ryde and Putney are all within driving distance of West Ryde Station.

    A boarding house with 47 students will increase the demand for on street parking and will directly negatively impact your on street options for you and any of your guests. Whilst some may argue that students do not have funds for private vehicles, the counter argument is that most students may be from overseas with sufficient funds to live comfortably and afford a car.

    The developer has provided a Traffic and Parking Assessment Report which states that “There will not be any adverse traffic implications” and the 6 car spaces “will be adequate for the circumstances”. The report fails to mention the usual traffic and commuter overflow from West Ryde Station, noting that the report was conducted in June 2020, during COVID where traffic and parking are dramatically reduced due to commuters being encouraged to work from home.

    From personal experience, I know that during peak hour, there is no street parking available on Anzac Avenue. Often I would leave to get a coffee and come back to no street parking options with all spots being taken by 7.30am.


    The Development Application states that the “contemporary architectural style of the building and choice of materials may not be the same as … the buildings in the vicinity, the (building) achieve(s) an urban character that is in harmony with the buildings around it” (page 20 of the Statement of Environment Effects)

    We submit that the façade of the building, both street facing and the rear, have the character of an urban car parking station (without enough car spaces!).

    Fifth floor

    The proposed 5 storey height is greater than the surrounding buildings heights (and significantly higher than the house adjoining at 87 Anzac Avenue), and current proposed height exceeds the 11.5m statutory building height under the Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014. The developer has made submissions to request the height limit be varied to allow the fifth floor on the basis that it will provide more affordable housing.

    The whole building will also block all natural sunlight from 87 Anzac Avenue for most of the day in accordance with the Shadow Diagrams allowing some sunshine at 3pm. As the owner of 87 Anzac and being seniors, our quality of life will be significantly impacted by the lack of sunlight.

    Student housing

    While we agree that housing affordability is necessary for Sydney, it is not suitable for Anzac Avenue, West Ryde. Our street prides itself on being family focussed and with the recent upgrade of Anzac Park, the suburb in general is very family oriented. The type of behaviour exhibited by students would not be in line with the local community feeling. The suburb is home to many older and retired residents as well.

    The building itself does not have sufficient space for all students to socialise. We guarantee you will see many students seeking the open space of Anzac Park after hours and socialising at night. We guarantee you will see more litter in and around the park as a result. Being short term residents, Students are not mindful of their neighbours and we guarantee you will see unwanted behaviour.

    What can you do?

    Whilst this does seem overwhelming, if Council receives a significant number of objections, we can together make a difference. There will be no repercussions if you put pen to paper, but if you don’t, you will have no further opportunity to make a difference.

    We ask that you assist us in writing to Council and lodging an objection to this development application. Every voice counts, so please help us make sure that all of our voices are heard.

    Here is the important information:

    Submissions close on 9 September 2020, so please ensure that you make your objection as soon as possible. Send an email, letter or drop your letter to the (Top) Ryde Library after hours chute.

    Here are some tips for what to write:

    1. Ensure your name, address and contact details are mentioned, if you remain anonymous, your objection will carry less or little weight. Also include the date of the letter.

    2. Add the details of the proposed development: “85 Anzac Avenue, West Ryde LDA 2020/2073”

    Here is a sample letter:

    Attention Madeline Thomas
    By email: cityofryde@ryde.nsw.gov.au

    Dear Ms Thomas,

    I write to you as a concerned resident of ….[insert your home address]. I would like to object to the proposed development for the following reasons:

    a. I am a retiree, my quality of life will be negatively impacted by this proposed development;

    b. Our street is a quiet street and the constant noise of construction and dust will negatively impact my physical and mental health. A smaller building would have a shorter construction period;

    c. The proposed use as a boarding house will result in unwanted noise and behaviour of students and their socialising (loud music).

    d. Anzac Park will be a local hotspot for young adults seeking space and night time activities and drinking due to the limited size of the social areas in the boarding house.

    e. Short term resident means that they do not pride themselves on the appearance or safety local the neighbourhood. They do not have any interest in being neighbourly or keeping the streets clean.

    f. Parking and traffic issues, when people resume working full time, the impact on the parking on the street will be significant. The Traffic and Parking Assessment report was completed during COVID and did not account for the usual traffic and parking overflow from the commuter parking. Victoria Road is heavily congested during peak hours and the additional strain on traffic will be felt by all local residents.

    Thank you.

    Signed: (Full name)
    Date: (date)