Forrester ParkForrester Park is right near Terrys Creek and the start of the kid-friendly bushwalk along it. So you can enjoy a play before/ after going on the walk. The highlight of the bushwalk is the waterfall. And if you have the energy, you can follow the track all the way to the back of Epping Aquatic Centre (Dence Park Pool). If you get lucky you might even spot some water dragons and brush turkeys.

But if you are after food instead, you can walk about 500m up Corunna Road to Boston Republic cafe at Five Ways Shops.

Terrys Creek Walk Epping Eastwood
Waterfall at Terrys Creek

Forrester Park has partial natural shade from the surrounding gum trees, depending on the time of day you visit.

Forrester Park

There is a open grassy area for kicking a ball. Or you can play a game of cricket on the concrete cricket pitch in the middle of the grassy area/ sports field.

The playground is not fenced, but there is a log railing that will provide some barrier to the road beyond for runners.

Forrester Park

The play equipment is surrounded by stones and rock pavers, perfect for balancing along. And the natural, bushy garden beds are edged with logs, again, great for imaginative nature play.

Within the playground there is:

  • climbing play gym with dual slide and rock climbing wall
  • swings
  • see-saw
  • monkey bars

Forrester Park

The ground of the playground is bark and there is a path along it for riding on. It is best suited to preschoolers and young primary school kids.

Finding Forrester Park

Forrester Park is behind Sommerville Park, near the intersection of Blaxland and Balaclava Roads. There is street parking on Vimiera Road. Or you could park on Essex Street on the other side of the little white footbridge where the Terrys Creek bushwalk begins.

You can also catch a bus along Vimiera Road.

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