Henry Brigg Playground | Epping

Kids can now play at the 'seaside' at a cute, recently upgraded playground in Epping.


Henry Brigg PlaygroundThe little pocket park on the corner of Essex St and Maida Road in Epping has recently been transformed into the new Henry Brigg Playground. And I think it has that white picket fence look of perfection about it…..well at least outside of summer as there isn’t any shade at the moment. But there are plenty of young trees that will provide shade in years to come.

The playground has a blue and white colour scheme, which is refreshing and bright. And we love the seaside theme, with a boat, rocky point and lighthouse, plus pictures of pelicans, crabs and life buoys.

The main attraction at this softfall playground is the lighthouse. The ‘Rocky Point’ tower has 2 rock climbing walls, a double slide, stairs, a fireman’s pole (or is it a lighthouse pole?) and a ‘little shop’. And as a cute little touch, there is a telescope and a megaphone.

Near the tower, is a ‘wave rider’ boat on springs that the kids will love climbing in and out of. Great for pretending to sail the high seas. And there are a selection of three swings, including a birds nest and toddler swing.

There are three bench seats near the playground, with one more on the other side of the small grassed area. With two rubbish bins, hopefully the park should stay quite clean.

A path that is next to the play equipment could be used for riding scooters and bike on.

While there is a white picket fence around the front of the playground, there are three places where kids can easily access the road. So visiting this playground with a little runner or more than one little one is likely to be stress inducing. We also recommend visiting on cooler days or early morning and afternoon on a hot day. Well at least until the new trees grow.

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Finding Henry Brigg Playground

The local playground is on the corner of Maida Road and Essex Street, just a few hundred metres from Epping train station.