Charles Herbert ReserveYou could live on Whitehaven Road and still not know that Charles Herbert Reserve exists. You access it down a grassed path in between houses 12 and 14. The back wall is a high sandstone wall, presumably from the old quarry that used to be in the area at Hourigans Quarry just behind the NBC Sports Club. And the front, except for the entrance path, backs onto the back of houses along Whitehaven Road. In between is a large grassed area, playground, basket ball court and rebound wall. As well as a picnic table.

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What lies at the end of this path?

The playground is off to the right/ southern side of Charles Herbert Reserve. There is some natural shade over the play equipment early in the morning. And there will be some later in the day once the line of trees on the northern side of the playground have grown a bit more. This playground gets hot in summer at the moment so definitely best visited on a cooler, cloudy day.

Charles Herbert Reserve

Within the playground, there is a tall climbing play gym with a double slide and chain bridge., which has definitely been designed with preschoolers + in mind. There is also monkey bars and a swing set.

Charles Herbert Reserve

The big attraction of this park for us, is the ‘secret’ path leading to it and the nature play that can be had there. And afterwards, if you still want some fun nature play, cross to the other side of Whitehaven Road and go for a bushwalk in Moxham Park.

Charles Herbert Reserve

Finding Charles Herbert Reserve

Charles Herbert Reserve is accessed from Whitehaven Road, in between houses 12 and 14, opposite Moxham Park. There is street parking

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