When City of Canada Bay announced that a new playground had opened in Concord, we just had to go check it out. And wow what an absolute gem! Rhodes Park 5 Senses Garden is a fully fenced playground and garden, with lots of nature play elements, a picnic shelter with tables and a BBQ, accessible raised garden beds and colourful flowing paths throughout. And just outside the fenced area are toilets and the Kokoda Cafe!

Rhodes Park 5 Senses Garden Concord

The new playground is just over the Ryde Bridge heading towards Rhodes. It’s right near McIlwaine Park, The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk, Brays Bay Reserve and the Oliveto restaurant.

The play equipment definitely appeals to the senses! It has:

  • Water pump with channels
  • 2 sandpits (with one raised to suit people in wheelchairs)
  • A textured metal climbing frame
  • A rock pit
  • Balancing logs and beams, some natural and some man made (these were a favourite as they are hidden between trees and grasses)
  • Musical instruments – drums and chimes
  • A ‘bee’ rocker
  • A boat
  • More balancing fun with a low ‘tightrope’, sandstone blocks, rocks and thick twine covered ropes along the ground, and a
  • Birds nest swing

As well as the all inclusive nature play design, there’s also:

  • Bench seats, circular seating for small workshops, sandstone block seating
  • A picnic shelter with tables and a BBQ
  • A bubbler inside the fenced area and a toilet block just outside
  • A dozen raised garden beds and edible landscaping with planted herbs
  • Compost bins, a water tank, large pot plants and the most amazing insect hotels

All this in a lovely bushland setting with some natural shade!

Rhodes Park 5 Senses Garden Concord

The brand new 5 senses Playground and accessible community garden is an initiative of Inner West Neighbour Aid (IWNA). And was built in partnership with City of Canada Bay. The 5 Senses Garden was designed to bring together people from all walks of life.

Scrolling through the 5 Senses Garden’s instagram page, you can see that a fair bit of the work that has gone into the space was by volunteers. They must be so proud to see it finished. What a fantastic community group to be involved in. And they need more volunteers to help them tend to the garden, assist with running workshops and helping the elderly to attend garden activities. Call IWNA on 97995099 or visit their website.

Rhodes Park 5 Senses Garden Concord

We visited late on a Friday afternoon and the cafe was closed. We are looking forward to stopping in at Kokoda cafe next time we visit. The entire area is really enchanting and between the playgrounds, walkway, cafe and views you could easily spend the whole day there.

Finding Rhodes Park

The Rhodes Park 5 Senses Garden is about 15km east of Parramatta, not too far from Rhodes train station. It can be accessed from Killoola Street or Mary Street. The Killoola Street entrance has a carpark close to the playground and Kokoda Cafe.

Responsible Cafes
Kokoda Cafe

When we visited we entered from Mary Street and parked in the carpark near McIlwaine Park. We walked part way along the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway (KTMW), past the gorgeous water views at Brays Bay Reserve. The KTMW is about 800m long and the playground is about 200m in from the Mary Street car park.

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  1. We love going to the playground to meet parents and children from the St Mary’s community each Friday morning from 9.30am. All are welcome to join us whilst we explore this great space! The children love having adventure time together and the parents love being able to catch up as well as a coffee after in the shop!