Blankers-Koen Park is a lovely open space in Newington, just down from Newington Marketplace. And until very recently, there was no playground there. This makes Blankers-Koen Park the first brand new playground in the City of Parramatta in at least the last few years. All the other new playgrounds have been upgrades to existing playgrounds.

Blankers-Koen Park Newington
Blankers-Koen Park Newington before the playground was added

Now before you get excited, the new playground at Blankers-Koen Park isn’t hugely exciting. But it’s a good local park, on a cloudy or cool day. Unfortunately it was built out in the open, with no natural shade or shade sails. But new trees have been planted nearby.

The ground is softfall and the play equipment consists of:

  • birds nest swing
  • wooden climbing play gym, with fire pole, wide slide metal, ‘shop’ underneath, angled rope climbing and wobble bridge

Around the playground there are sandstone blocks for seating and/or little explorers who like to balance and climb. And thankfully some are positioned under the trees.

Blankers-Koen Park Newington

Plus there are also lots of new plants and plenty of open grass to play on. Currently there is a sectioned off area waiting for the turf to grow.

Blankers-Koen Park Newington

There is a bubbler about 30m from playground and two bench seats nearby.

Through the park is a path and a couple of bridges over a channel that must hold water just after heavy rain.

Blankers-Koen Park Newington

It’s a cute park for mornings in autumn and spring or during winter.

Finding Blankers-Koen Park

Blankers-Koen Park is along Newington Boulevard in Newington. And it can also be accessed from Tooth and Perkins Avenues. There is street parking and buses run along Newington Boulevard.

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