For us, George Thornton Reserve is the total package. Large fenced playground with nature play, walking track around the ovals that is good for bikes and scooters too, lots of natural shade, bushland background, bbqs and toilets. Plus it’s nice and peaceful. It’s also home to the West Pennant Hills Community Centre and sports fields. We really enjoy visiting this park as it has something for everyone.

george thornton reserve
Photo credit: The Hills Shire Council

The large L-shaped fenced playground has nature based play elements and a variety of play equipment. On one side of the playground is a double blue slide and a grassy area on a slight hill.

In the middle of the fenced playground is the nature based play area that looks like a dry riverbed. The ‘riverbed’ has been created with rocks of all different sizes and there are a couple of bridges that cross it. There are also logs and rocks to balance along. In this part of the playground there are lots of trees providing shade and the dropped leaves and sticks add to the magic, as they make great crunching noises for the little explorer/s in your life.

The rest of the play equipment is right next to the ‘riverbed’ and also has some great shade from the trees. The main play tower has a double slide, steps, spiral climber, steering wheel, climb through circle and semi circle ladder steps.

George Thornton Reserve West Pennant Hills

Next to the play tower there is also a birds nest swing, a bubbler and a 4 person seesaw.

Just outside the fence, in this area, are a few bench seats and a set of swings.

The walking path goes around the large playing fields and connects to 4 different streets. The paved concrete path is wide enough for two parents with prams to comfortably walk next to each other.

Following the path you will pass the BBQs and picnic tables, the basketball half court, the cricket nets, the exercise equipment, the playing fields, the fenced playground and back to the community centre. The large loop takes approximately 20 minutes to walk around (one small hill) and the path extends out to each of the 4 neighbouring streets.

And of course the walking path could also be enjoyed by the bike and scooter loving little ones in your life.

Other Facilities

The West Pennant Hills Community Centre has function rooms available to hire. We went to a birthday party in one of the rooms that opens onto a small playground overlooking the playing fields. It was a great party room – functional and fun. There were other rooms that could also be hired including a large room that looked suitable for formal occasions.

George Thornton Reserve West Pennant Hills

George Thornton Reserve West Pennant Hills

The playing fields are used for soccer in winter and for cricket in summer. There are two hills that slope towards the playing fields for spectators. A small gentle hill near community centre and a larger steeper hill at the north end of the playing fields.

There are toilets inside and outside the community centre.

George Thornton Reserve West Pennant Hills

And here’s a bit of history about the park.

George Thornton Reserve West Pennant Hills

Finding George Thornton Reserve

Not far from Cumberland State Forest, north of Parramatta, George Thornton is best accessed from View Street. You will find on-site parking there, in front of the community centre. The playground is about 50m from the community centre, to the left from the car park.

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