We love bushwalks that have a playground along the way and something special about them. And Richard Webb Reserve ticks both boxes!

Richard Webb Reserve

There’s a brand new playground at the top of Richard Webb Reserve (as well as another one on the western side). Plus cascades (after rain) and a lovely wide, mostly flat bush path, which you would be able to take an all terrain pram on.

Richard Webb Reserve

Richard Webb Reserve runs along the Darling Mills Creek at West Pennant Hills and forms part of the 8km Murri Yanna Track (Bidjigal Reserve) that goes all the way down to Hazel Ryan Oval in North Rocks.

Bidjigal Reserve Hazel Ryan Oval

‘Froggy’ Playground

There are two playgrounds in Richard Webb Reserve. And chances are that your GPS will take you to the older, smaller one on Deakin Place.

Richard Webb Reserve
Playground on Deakin Place

But the new playground (and start of the bushwalk) is on Aiken Road, near the roundabout with Hill Road.

Richard Webb Reserve

We fondly refer to it as ‘froggy’ park as the playground has lots of little green frogs on it.

At the playground, there is also:

  • see-saw
  • swings, with baby seat
  • climbing play gym with slides

Next to the playground is a picnic shelter and seats. Plus there’s a path that circles the playground that it good for riding on.

Keep in mind that the Aiken Road is a busy road, but the playground is set back and there are logs along the park at the road.

Richard Webb Reserve


We’ve done this from two different starting points and you can really go for as long as you like… all the way to Hazel Ryan Oval in North Rocks (and past the ‘dam‘!

Richard Webb Reserve

The playground on Aiken Road is the top starting point and you follow the fire trail at the back right of the park.

It will take you down to a bridge crossing and then you keep walking, with the creek on your right, until you reach Heidi Place.

Along the way, there is a nice spot to go down to the creek. When we last visited, the creek was dry in sections and we built a little boat to set sail.

From Heidi Place, which is another spot to start the walk from, you go to the end and then continue along the fire trail.

You will pass large boulders and cross another bridge (where you go right).

After about 30mins (preschooler pace from Aiken Road), you will hear running water (if its been raining) and see a little short path off to the right. This is where you will find the ‘Richard Webb Waterfall’ or Darling Mills Cascades.

It’s definitely a great spot to visit after rain!

Richard Webb Reserve - Murri Yanna Track

Finding Richard Webb Reserve

Richard Webb Reserve is just north of the M2, not far from Carlingford and North Rocks.

There are a few ways to enter Richard Webb Reserve. We generally start at Aiken Road (where the new playground is) or Heidi Place, for a shorter walk to the cascades. Both have street parking.

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