If you are looking for something new to do with your kids, here are the 20 latest key new parks, scooter/ bike tracks, playground upgrades, cafes and play areas in the greater Parramatta area and Western Sydney. The list starts with the newest kid on the block and goes backwards in time. We will keep updating this article as new, fun things for families open. Plus, scroll down to the bottom for a list of all the exciting new things COMING SOON!

1Shade Sails at West Epping Park | Epping

Address: Dent Street, Epping | Summary: The fabulous West Epping Park re-opened in March 2018, but was seriously lacking in shade. Thankfully City of Parramatta Council listened to our request and has now installed shade sails over the toddler play area and small metal slide. More shaded is still needed to use the park in summer, but the trees are growing fast and should provide additional shade next summer. | More Details |

2Shade Sail at Henry Brigg Playground | Epping

Address: corner of Maida Road and Essex Street, Epping | Summary: This cute seaside themed playground can now be enjoyed year round thanks to shade sails recently being installed. | More Details |

3Upgraded Playground – George Kendall Riverside Park | Ermington

Address: end of Boyle Street, Ermington | Summary: Just west of the newish multi-purpose sports courts, is a new playground with shade sails! There are swings, rope climbing bridge, climbing play gym and some nature based play elements. | More Details |

4Upgraded Playground – McMullen Avenue Park | Carlingford

Address: 24 McMullen Ave, CarlingfordSummary: This previously very sad playground has had a much needed revamp. There’s now a small climbing play gym and swings. | More Details |

5Upgraded Playground – Bingara Park | Beecroft

Address: 69 Bingara Road, BeecroftSummary: The old ocean themed ‘submarine’ playground has been replaced with one that has a simpler climbing play gym. Plus merry-go-round, rockers and log stepping stones. | More Details |

6Jason Place Reserve | North Rocks

Address: Jason Place, North RocksSummary: The newest learn to ride scooter/ bike track is at Jason Place Reserve. You’ll also find some lovely wooden play equipment and swings at this small playground. | More Details |

7Upgraded Playground – Dunrossil Park | Carlingford

Address: 33 Dunrossil Ave, Carlingford | Summary: The playground at Dunrossil Park has reopened after a bit of a face lift. There is new softfall, some new play equipment and shade sails – yay! | More Info |

8Upgraded Park and Playground – Bressington Park | Homebush

Address: Underwood Road, Homebush | Summary: Bressington Park has undergone a bit of a transformation and re-opened on 8th December. There are now three sports fields, two playgrounds, amenities block and car park. | More Info |

9New Water Playground – Curry Reserve | Camden

Address: 24 Camden Valley Way, Elderslie | Summary: Newest, biggest and probably the best free water playground in greater Sydney can be found at Curry Reserve, about 50mins from Parramatta. | More Info |

10Shade Sails at Bungarribee Park | Doonside

Address: Intersection of Doonside and Holbeche Roads, Bungarribee | Summary: Western Sydney’s largest park just got even better with the addition of shade structures over the water play and sand pit area, swings and front big slides. We have tested them out on a warm summers day and they make such a difference! | More Info |

11New (Temporary) Play Area | Stockland Merrylands

Address: Stockland Merrylands, ourside Big W | Summary: The play area outside Target at Stockland Merrylands has been removed to make way for a new inclusive play space. In the meantime, there is a temporary climbing play gym outside Big W.

12New Playground – Blankers-Koen Park | Newington

Address: Newington Boulevard, Newington | Summary: This is no newly upgraded playground, but an absolutely brand new one…the first time this has happened in the City of Parramatta in a long time. It is though only small and a real shame that it wasn’t build under the existing gorgeous large trees in the park. | More Info |

13New Street Libraries in and around the City of Parramatta

Melrose Park PS

Address: various, see map | Summary: It’s so awesome that the number of street libraries in the area continue to grow. There are now over 50 places to grab a FREE book or donate some in and around the City of Parramatta. | More Info |

14Replacement Playground – Meadowbank Park | Meadowbank

Address: Adelaide Street, Meadowbank | Summary: Sadly the old, popular fenced and shaded playground at Meadowbank Park was vandalised earlier this year. The park is set for a major new regional playground (construction scheduled for 2021). So this is a temporary replacement (funded from insurance) and the play equipment will be relocated later on. | More Info |

15Upgraded Playground – Forest Park | Epping

Address: Forest Grove, Epping | Summary: Set under large trees, is a new beautifully crafted wooden play gym. The new playground at Forest Park also has swings, balance beams and stepping stumps. Within the park, there are also lovely garden beds with flowering roses and paper daisy’s. | More Info |

16New Playground – Livvi’s Bankstown | Bankstown City Gardens

Address: Ross Street, Bankstown | Summary: A long time in the making, this is the newest Livvi’s Place in Sydney. It’s a large fenced inclusive playground for kids of all abilities. And we love the colours and layout. | More Info |

17New Playground – ELS Hall Park | North Ryde

Address: Kent Road, North Ryde | Summary: This large new nature inspired playground has a great mix of play equipment for a range of ages. Plus both natural and sail shade and picnic facilities. It’s next to the YMCA Ryde and not far from The Ranch Hotel and Macquarie Centre. | More Info |

18Upgraded Playground – David Hamilton Reserve | Eastwood

Address: Holway Street, Eastwood | Summary: Opening late September, this new playground has a ‘river’, ‘sand bank’, ‘wharf’ and ‘boat’. Plus it is along the Terrys Creek walk.  | More Info |

19Upgraded Playground – Fagan Park | Galston

Address: Carrs Road, Galston | Summary: There’s now a fun nature based, inclusive playground at Fagan Park, near the Carrs Road entrance. This is the second smaller playground, with the main one being up near the Homestead and Arcadia Road entrance. We love the wooden play equipment, particularly the wombat tunnel, and water pump. Until the new trees grow, it is best visited in the morning during the warm months. | More Info |

20Upgraded Playground – Pinetree Park | Carlingford

Address: 2z Pinetree Drive, Carlingford | Summary: The new playground at Pinetree Park opened in September 2018 and we are happy to report that there is a new and improved digger. There is a great amount of natural shade in the afternoon and still lots of grassed area to play on.  | More Info |

Coming Soon!

Here are the ‘new’ things for families that we know are opening/ happening over the coming year, in alphabetical order.

Playground Upgrades to be Completed Soon

Construction has already commenced for these playground upgrades. And they should be finished in the next month or so, depending on the size of the project.

Other Playground Upgrades Scheduled for 2019