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Dundas Sports Club

Dundas Sports Club is often recommended by local parents as a good option for a family meal out with young kids. Good Chinese restaurant and a kids play area. But I couldn’t find any photos or much info online. And I much prefer to see what a play area is like before I take the kids along. If I am going to use it as a carrot, then I need to know how good of play area it is so I don’t have to deal with a whole lot of disappointment.

Dundas Sports and Recreation ClubWhen we moved to Rydalmere recently, Dundas Sports Club became our local club. So we risked it and went. Well the kids really liked the play area and the food so we have been back a few times now.

If you live nearby, you will need to become a member to visit the club. Membership is $11 for 1 year and $22 for 3 years.

Play Area

The small play area is behind glass. And little ones may need help opening the door to get in and out. We always get a table where we can see into the play area. The glass blocks out most sounds so you won’t hear your little ones calling out if they get stuck.

It is says that it has been designed for kids 3-12 years. But I would say it is best suited for 2-6yr olds.

Dragon 88 Restaurant

Dundas Sports and Recreation ClubThe Dragon 88 Restaurant is the dining option at Dundas Sports Club. It serves Chinese food, along with some common pub options. We have only ordered Chinese food off the menu. It is decent Australian Chinese food. Not your authentic variety, but good Chinese pub food.


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Finding Dundas Sports and Recreation Club

Dundas Sports Club is on Elder Road, right near Kissing Point Road and there is on-site parking. It is an easy walk from Dundas train station and there are a number of buses that travel along Kissing Point Road.