Days with a baby can be joyous, frustrating, exciting, lonely, and everything in between. Some days escaping the four walls of my home, popping bub in the pram, and going for a walk was the biggest accomplishment and best thing about my day. On other days, however, bub pooped all over my Active Wear whilst we were out walking, but at least I had a good story to tell.

Pram Friendly Walks
Parramatta River Foreshore

I started off walking locally, around the block, then to the local park, and local cafe. But after a while, I found that I wanted to find new places to explore and see what other gems were around. That’s when I created a Google Map and started adding nice pram friendly walks. I’m very excited to be sharing it with you now, along with my seven favourite pram friendly walks in the greater Parramatta region. Plus a whole heap of other pram walk inspiration at the bottom.

Map of Pram Friendly Walks

Here is our Google Map of 50+ pram friendly walks, and it’s still growing! You can add this map to the Google Maps app on your phone too. Then wherever you are, you can easily find a pram friendly, and enjoyable, walk nearby.

Favourite Nice Pram Friendly Walks

After some fun-filled exploring, here’s a list of seven of my favourite pram walks in the Greater Parramatta area – one for each day of the week! I’ve listed them in no particular order as each walk has something different that makes it great.

1Dundas Park | Dundas Valley

I love that this park has a reasonable-sized paved loop around it. And the path can fit two prams next to each other if you want to walk and talk with a friend! I tend to park near the shops on Yates Avenue, where coffee and food is readily available at Daisy’s by the Park. They’re quite accepting of mothers groups and mums with prams. There’s also water play in the playground, so if it’s a hot day and you’re happy to get wet with your bub, then splash away.

  • Location: Dundas Park, Yates Ave, Dundas Valley
  • Toilets?: Yes, in the park opposite The Container Cafe or at the Cafe
  • More Info

There’s ample parking during the week in the carparks off Paton Street or Merrylands Road. The paths are easy to push a pram on and there’s a range of things to see. My absolute favourite thing to do is go see the emus in the animal exhibit. It’s free and these birds just make me laugh so much. The animal exhibit also has birds, and wallabies. There’s a street library where you can take a book and leave a book located in the animal exhibit too. Plus two playgrounds – the new one near Paton Street is the best for little ones. But no food options here though so bring a snack and your water bottle.

  • Location: You can enter Central Gardens either via Merrylands Road or Paton Street, where you will find free off-street parking.
  • Toilets?: Yes
  • More Info

3Doyle Ground | North Parramatta

This park has a number of big wins: The Container Cafe (North Parramatta) is across the road, there’s a paved path, lots of parking and a swing for babies. Plus, plenty of seats for sudden ‘oh look my baby needs feeding/changing/burping/snuggling’ stops.

  • Location: The playground is located on the corner of Fennell and Buller Streets in North Parramatta. I tend to park opposite The Container Cafe. Watch for how many hours free parking your parking spot has as it varies.
  • Toilets?: Yes
  • More Info

4Parramatta Park | Parramatta

You really can’t go past this gem in the middle of Parramatta. There’s a path around the whole park, which also makes it super easy to push a pram along. BYO picnic blanket too. It’s a huge park so if you’re meeting with a mother’s group, I would definitely suggest finding a clear meeting point. Here are three great options:

  1. Paperbark Playground: for this eastern meeting spot, it’s best driving almost entirely around the one-way road in the park. Then park your car at Pavilion Flats, in front of Paperbark Playground, which is just before the George St Gatehouse where you’ll find Georgie Boy Cafe. Of course, once you arrive at this cafe, try the cake, you’ll be walking it off anyway!
  2. Gate for Wistaria Gardens: at the northern end, you’ll find this gorgeous oasis. Whilst the Wistaria Gardens are technically not yet part of Parramatta Park, they are going to be transferred over (hopefully soon!). They are lovely to visit in spring and autumn. Also, you can add some bat-watching onto your walk here. But this option won’t have cake involved, unless you BYO. That is, until a new cafe opens at Little Coogee (hopefully soon!)
  3. Domain Creek Playground: this large playground is on the western side of the park has a sandpit and baby swings. Plus toilets and BBQs. It’s a good spot to meet to then go for a walk around the park.

You might also want to check out the Parramatta Park Map, which can be found here.

  • Location: 1 Macquarie Street, Parramatta
  • Toilets?: Yes
  • More Info

Admittedly, it’s easier to find a carpark on the weekend than a weekday, but I really like being near the water and so many fabulous cafes/ restaurants. Plus you could catch a ferry or bus here. This spot is perfect for a post-brunch walk, or a sneaky afternoon stroll before accidentally walking your way into Bay Vista for some amazing-looking desserts. There’s a paved path on either side of the river, but one side of the river often ends up in the shade. Perhaps throw in a jacket to help you enjoy both sides.

  • Location: The Parramatta River Foreshore Reserve is on the north side of Parramatta River. It starts opposite the Parramatta Wharf and goes all the up to Riverside Theatres and the Visitor Information Centre. If coming by car, then it’s best to enter by Elizabeth Street, Parramatta.
  • Toilets?: Yes, in the Visitor Information Centre or at the Parramatta Ferry Wharf
  • More Info

6Bicentennial Park | Sydney Olympic Park

After driving into Bicentennial Park, go past the function Centre, and you will easily find parking near the playground on weekdays. This park gets a LOT busier on weekends but there’s heaps of space to spread out, and lots of paved paths too. Highlights include seeing some cute ducks on the water, a scrumptious hot chocolate to fuel my walking from the WaterView Cafe in the park, being able to push the pram to the top of the big lookout over the park as it’s wheelchair/pram accessible, and having moments where I felt like I was in the middle of the bush despite not having to ever push my pram off a concrete path. Winning!

  • Location: Enter from Australia Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park
  • Toilets?: Yes
  • More Info

7Wentworth Common and the Brickpit Ring Walk | Sydney Olympic Park

Parking is off Majorie Jackson Parkway for this park combo. The Brickpit Park loop is just something a bit different. It’s an elevated path over what is essentially a big hole with some water in it, but hey, it’s worth a look and I think it’s quite spectacularly different. Then head over to the Wentworth Common. There’s a paved path that spirals up a hill and goes all the way up the ‘Bay Marker’. The Bay Marker is like a look-out point with added greenery along the way for your viewing pleasure. From this point you can see wetlands, Haslams Creek, parts of Homebush Bay, as well as the city skyline. There’s BBQs, play equipment for older kids, sandpit toilets, and seats in Wentworth Common too. For a great day out, I would BYO drink, snacks, and picnic blanket. In fact, I’d do one of the walks, a big picnic, then the other walk. Perfection!

  • Location: Parking is off Majorie Jackson Parkway, Sydney Olympic Park
  • Toilets?: Yes
  • More Info

This park is glorious! It has beautiful water views, a path in the shade through the playground, and a path in the sun near the water. Also, there’s lots of shady trees to put a picnic rug under. This park might be a bit further from Parramatta but if you need to go to IKEA in Rhodes then it’s simply only about 10mins away. My bub loved watching the birds. We saw an ibis, magpies, and a galah. We watched the Rivercat and helicopters go by too. There’s free parking, as well as a BBQ. Although we liked the look of the swing and the playground for little tots, we did not use it as they were in the sun while we were there. Other parts of the playground and one of the great pram paths were shady though.

  • Location: Waterview Street, Putney
  • Toilets?: Yes
  • More Info

Other Pram Friendly Walks

Pram Friendly Walks
Lake Parramatta

Looking for somewhere else nice to go for a walk with your little one in a pram? Well there is a fabulously long list of local parks that have pram friendly walks! See the Google Map above or head to this list of parks we’ve reviewed that have a pram friendly walk of a descent length. They include parks with paved paths within them as well as parks with access to the Parramatta River walk. Plus, ones a bit more ‘off road’ along fire trails for all terrain prams.

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Once bub is starting to crawl and walk, you may want to combine a pram walk with a playground play for them. Or just want to know which playgrounds are best to introduce them to for their first playground experience! Here is a list of 20 top playgrounds for crawlers and early walkers – 14 out of the 20 have pram friendly walks.